Antidote to Chaos: High Efficiency Low Emissions Coal-Fired Power Plants Key To Restoring Reliable & Affordable Power


When your power supply depends on the weather … life’s a lottery.

Electricity used to be taken for granted in Australia, like running water. Not anymore. Thanks to chaotically delivered wind and solar, having power during hot weather is now treated more like winning the lottery.

Joni Mitchell sang about not knowing what you’ve got till it’s gone in her ditty, Big Yellow Taxi. Likewise, Victorians have joined wind ‘powered’ South Australians in their appreciation of knowing what it’s like to swelter in the dark, whenever the sun sets and/or calm weather sets in.

200,000 Victorian businesses and households were left fuming after a dramatic wind power output collapse during hot weather. This is happening in a state determined to destroy its coal-fired electricity supply (Labor MPs wept with joy when Hazlewood, a 1,600 MW plant closed) and throw all caution to the wind and sun. Victoria, just like SA…

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Blackout Fallout: Wind Power Debacle Leaves Thousands of Powerless Victorians Furious


Everyone ‘loves’ the idea of wind and solar power, until they’re sweltering in the dark. 200,000 Victorian homes and businesses left powerless – after a sudden and dramatic wind power output collapse on 25 January – have got a taste of what wind ‘powered’ South Australians have been putting up with for years. And they don’t like it.

Above is the wind power output in Victoria (up there with SA as an Australian RE ‘hero’) on 25 January – for 200,000 Victorians aka ‘Black(out) Friday’ – courtesy of Aneroid Energy.

In this post, we covered the fact that Victorian wind power output struggled to produce 20% of its nameplate capacity, while hundreds of thousands of households and businesses struggled to survive without refrigeration, air-conditioning, or any of those other creature comforts one expects in a (notionally) first world country.

One seasoned Melburnian, Judith Sloan recounts what it’s…

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Home Wreckers: Finnish Study Finds Wind Turbine Infrasound Unsafe For Residents Living Within 15 Km


The Finns are renowned for their stoicism, but grinding, pulsing wind turbine noise is too much for any sentient being, even the Finnish.

The evidence proving the unnecessary damage done to wind farm neighbours by the noise generated by giant industrial wind turbines is mounting by the day: Germany’s Max Planck Institute has identified sub-audible infrasound as the cause of stress, sleep disruption and more (see our post here); and a Swedish group have shown that it’s the pulsing nature of low-frequency wind turbine noise  (‘amplitude modulation’) that is responsible for sleep problems in those forced to live with it (see our post here).

Making a mockery of planning rules that permit giant industrial wind turbines to be speared within a thousand metres or so of residential dwellings, a Finnish study reckons that the safe setback distance is more like 15,000m.

Pilot study shows no significant reduction in…

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Tall Texan Tales: Hyperbolic Claims About Wind & Solar Performance in Texas Are Pure Nonsense


It takes more than audacity to promote an all wind and sun powered future – it requires the deluded to make nonsense sound reasonable.

When zealots start waffling about wonderful wind and solar ‘resources’, that the wind and sun are ‘free’ and if we all believed together, we’re just a heartbeat away from ditching fossil fuels forever – don’t just grab a bucket, make sure you’ve got a firm grip on your wallet, as well.

Because – whatever the prospects might be for nature’s wonder fuels – the cost will be astronomical; and it’s you who will end up paying.

Texas is held up by American wind worshippers as a model of what can be done. However, as Willis Eschenbach points out, the Lone Star State is the perfect example of unhinged hyperbole. As Willis details, the cost of adding even a trivial amount of chaotically intermittent wind power to…

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How Subsidised Wind & Solar Destroyed Australia’s Economic Competitiveness


Chaotically intermittent and heavily subsidised wind and solar have sent power prices soaring in Australia. Barely a generation ago, Australians enjoyed the lowest power prices in the world, now they suffer the highest. And it took a little over a decade – see above.

In a helpful exposition of Australia’s self-inflicted power pricing and supply calamity, Alan Moran details the causes and consequences below.

Alan was prescient in his forecast of summertime blackouts – his article was published just a few days before 29,000 South Australian households and 200,000 Victorian households (not to mention dozens of energy hungry businesses) were unceremoniously dumped from the grid during a hot spell, which coincided with dramatic collapses in wind power output in both states.

Banks pretend to be virtue signalling while plundering electricity consumers
Catallaxy Files
Alan Moran
21 January 2019

In the salad days prior to 2015, before governments’ destructive interventions undermined…

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New Dark Age: Renewable Energy Debacle Crippling Business, Punishing Households


The stated aim of the Green-left is the destruction of Australia’s reliable and affordable electricity supply. It’s dressed up as a burning hatred of evil fossil fuels, but in reality, it’s just naked contempt for their fellow Australians.

A couple of warm days last week – coupled with dramatic collapses in wind and solar output (the former related to the weather, the latter related to sunset) – saw dozens of energy hungry businesses chopped unceremoniously from the grid, along with 200,000 Victorian households and 30,000 South Australian households

Summertime temperatures weren’t the only thing that rose – there’s a palpable sense of fury among the proletariat, not least because they’ve been played for fools by those responsible for the mess.

Lily D’Ambrosio heads up Victoria’s Climate Cult and the Department for Destroying Reliable and Affordable Energy.

On Friday 25 January, Lily – apparently channelling King Canute – assured her constituents…

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Reality Check: Heatwave Blackout Gives Victorians Taste of the ‘Transition’ to Wind & Solar


The dreamers who think they’ll soon be running entirely on sunshine and breezes, have just been smacked with reality, in Victoria, at least.

There’s something poetic about watching infants being forced to grow up. And, so it is, with once loyal RE zealots, being forced to rethink their love affair, after their taste of what it’s like swelter in Melbourne, without the benefit of that first world necessity, electricity.

Over the last couple of posts, STT has focused on the chaos that reigned in South Australia and Victoria on a couple of hot days – coupled with wind power output collapses (see above) that resulted in hundreds of thousands being deprived of power, 200,000 in Victoria, alone – and the price of power going through the roof.

Watching the panic spread was, somewhat, amusing. Nothing like watching those who thought they understood the electricity system left floundering and struggling for…

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