Victoria’s Victims: Wind & Solar Obsession Sees 60,000 Families Cut From the Grid After (Another) 16% Power Price Hike


An obsession with chaotically intermittent wind and solar has sent Victorian power prices through the roof: a 16% increase in 2018 follows a 12% increase the year before that.

Given its Labor government’s push for a 50% RET, Victorians will soon catch up with their neighbours in Australia’s wind and solar capital, South Australia – the place that suffers the world’s highest power prices.

The relationship between heavily subsidised and inherently unreliable wind and solar and spiralling power prices is pretty clear: see above the graphic from Dr Michael Crawford.

Making it evident that ‘green’ energy virtue signalling is a rich man’s sport, RE zealots still trumpet the purportedly ‘inevitable’ transition to an all wind and sun powered future: to hell with the cost, and to hell with those who can no longer afford electricity.

With power prices rocketing out of control, no end in sight, there are already

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Eve of Destruction: Australia’s Economy First Victim of Renewable Energy Fiasco


Coal and the PM: if only it was a marriage and not a passing affair.

If the objective of Australia’s energy policy is destroying its economy, we’re well on the way. With more than $70,000,000,000 squandered on subsidies to wind and solar, both large-scale and domestic, power prices rocketing out of control, routine, mass power cuts, whenever the sun sets and/or calm weather sets in, and the destruction of reliable baseload power plants (South Australia blew up its last coal-fired power plant last year, following suit Victoria took out its Hazelwood plant) – the results can be fairly called an utter fiasco.

One of the few that saw this coming, from the very beginning, was Alan Moran. Here he is detailing the self-inflicted disaster that’s beset the once Lucky Country.

Energy policy: the $72 billion fair dinkum disaster
Spectator Australia
Alan Moran
26 February 2019

Energy and climate…

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Renewables Rip-Off: Massive Subsidies Make Offshore Wind Power Most Expensive Of All


The true cost of chaotically intermittent wind power is staggering; the cost of offshore wind power is astronomical.

In Australia, the Labor backed construction union is howling about the fact that they can’t get an enormous offshore wind project up and running off the coast of Victoria.

Throwing scorn at the Federal Coalition government about the lack of ‘policy certainty’ and a perceived vendetta against renewables, the rent seekers involved apparently can’t spot the hypocrisy for the trees.

In one breath they’re telling us how cheap wind power is, in the next they’re bitching about the need for massive subsidies to last until kingdom come.

In truth, the project has absolutely no hope of getting off the ground. And the reason is that offshore wind power is ridiculously expensive.

The capital cost of spearing these things offshore is multiples greater than doing so and some dimwitted farmer’s back paddock

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Noise Matters: Why Wind Turbine Noise Drives Wind Farm Neighbours Nuts


Life next to industrial wind turbines is a living hell for far too many rural residents.

Practically incessant turbine-generated low-frequency noise and infra-sound drives neighbours nuts, preventing them from sleeping in – and otherwise enjoying the comforts of – their very own homes.

An Australian Court found long-term exposure to wind turbine noise to be a pathway to disease: Australian Court Finds Wind Turbine Noise Exposure a ‘Pathway to Disease’: Waubra Foundation Vindicated

The evidence proving the unnecessary damage done to wind farm neighbours by the noise generated by giant industrial wind turbines is mounting by the day: Germany’s Max Planck Institute has identified sub-audible infrasound as the cause of stress, sleep disruption and more (see our post here); and a Swedish group have shown that it’s the pulsing nature of low-frequency wind turbine noise  (‘amplitude modulation’) that is responsible for sleep problems in those forced to live with it…

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Neighbourhood Theft: Why Your Neighbour’s Solar Panels Are Costing You a Fortune


Electricity generation started off as an extension of science. These days, it’s all about vanity and virtue signalling. Not least those millions of shiny solar panels, which we’ve all helped subsidise – to allow our neighbours to bask in their own virtuous glow.

At the theoretical level – when the sun is up and the sky is cloud free – solar panels are generating electricity around 6.5 hours a day (on average). During their most virtuous cycle, they’re dispatching power back into the grid, and reducing their owner’s power bills (attracting feed in tariffs multiples greater than the value of the electricity itself – initially some states were paying figures in the order of $540 per MWh – coal-fired power costs less than $40).

Those without panels pick up the tab for the subsidies gifted to their neighbours (whether in the form of feed in tariffs or renewable energy certificates)…

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Nuclear Power Works: That’s Why The Wind & Solar Industries Hate It So Much


Only the most delusional climate alarmist still believes that wind and solar power can help in their global crusade against carbon dioxide gas.

As we have said repeatedly, nuclear power is the only stand-alone power generation source which is capable of delivering power on demand, without CO2 emissions being generated in the process.

Perversely, notwithstanding that Australia is in the top 3 uranium exporters, it’s the only G20 country with a legislated prohibition on nuclear power generation.

The French use nuclear power to generate around 75% of their electricity and they pay around half of what it costs retail customers in wind ‘powered’ South Australia. Anyone claiming nuclear power is expensive, clearly haven’t been paying attention.

A bit over in September 2017, we reported on one of America’s leading eco-warriors, Michael Shellenberger and his road to Damascus moment. Michael has turned on wind and solar with a passion, and is among…

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Labor’s 50% RET: Rocketing Power Prices Bring Guaranteed Economic Destruction


Bill Shorten: ready to swing 50% RET wrecking ball.

Australia’s renewable energy policy is already a disaster. But Labor’s Bill Shorten promises total catastrophe with his National 50% RET.

In yesterday’s post, STT picked up on economic analysis put forward by Dr Brian Fisher, which provided a wake-up call to Australians.

The economic cost of current so-called ‘climate and energy policy’ is in the tens of billions, in terms of reduced growth, lower incomes and higher unemployment.

Should Bill Shorten snatch government come May, his Labor/Green Alliance will introduce a giant carbon tax (aka a mandated cap on carbon dioxide emissions) along with a 50% RET – ie the same policy that throttled South Australia and turned it into an international laughingstock.

On that scenario, the economic cost will be in the hundreds of $billions and the results from blue-collar workers (once championed by the ALP) will be an…

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