Wind Power Chaos: There When You Don’t Need It – Never There When You Do


Well, you said you wanted to rely on the weather …

It’s no news to sailors, that the wind is never there when you need it and often there when you don’t. Coal-fired steamships took the guesswork out of Maritime navigation, ensuring passengers and cargo arrived safely, promptly and on schedule.

Bucking the trend set by the Industrial Revolution, Australia’s wind power capital, South Australia blew up its last coal-fired power station in 2017.

With 1,929 MW of wind power capacity, SA has the greatest reliance on chaotically delivered wind power of any state in Australia. It suffers the world’s highest power prices as a result.

The South Australian economy is on the skids, with its once dominant motor manufacturing industry a fading memory, and mining and mineral processors struggling under the weight of skyrocketing power prices. The best and brightest have long vacated, leaving an ageing and moribund population…

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Suckers Sign Here: Wind Turbine Hosts Taken For Fools By Developers in One-Sided Land Contracts


The great wind power fraud depends on a few gullible land owners signing up to host turbines, just to pocket a few pieces of silver -selling their souls to charming wind power outfits like Thailand’s RATCH (see our posts here and here and here).

No turbine hosts; no wind industry.

Lured by annual licence fees of around $10-15,000 per turbine, farmers who do sign up are obviously happy to destroy the ability to live in and enjoy their own homes – if they live on the property concerned; and are quite prepared to draw the eternal damnation of their neighbours for their responsibility for introducing a constant source of annoyance and misery to once happy and peaceful communities.

When the question is asked fair and square, the great majority of those in places where wind farms are threatened are bitterly opposed to having these things speared into their rural…

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Germany’s Renewable Energy Fail: German CO2 Emissions 10 Times Higher than Nuclear-Powered France


The meme has it that wind and solar are all about slashing CO2 emissions, whereas that pathetic pair are just a colossal moneymaking scam.

Apart from South Australia, no country other than Germany threw more at chaotically intermittent wind and solar.

The results have been an utter debacle: Germans suffer the second highest power prices in Europe, just behind wind ‘powered’ Denmark, and those prices are rocketing north at double-digit rates. The German grid is on the brink of collapse.

And all in an effort to curb emissions of carbon dioxide gas. Leaving aside arguments about whether CO2 is a toxic pollutant or a naturally occurring beneficial trace gas which plants crave, if the primary object of Germany’s ‘transition’ to an all wind and sun powered future was cutting carbon dioxide gas emissions, the result has been a dismal failure – that’s cost Germans more than a €Trillion, so…

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Wind Power Chaos Reigns: Scots Build Diesel Generators & Brace For Week-Long Blackouts


Let renewable energy zealots and other such ideologues anywhere near your power system and prepare for deadly chaos.

Wind and solar ‘powered’ South Australians know what it is to do without power for days on end. Having experienced plenty of load shedding lasting for 5 hours or more, South Australians got a real taste of the dark ages in September 2016, when the whole State went black.

sudden collapse in wind power output during a vigourous spring storm (wind turbines automatically shut down in high winds) delivered what’s known as a ‘system black’.

Some parts of the city of Adelaide had power restored within about 5 or 6 hours, while some suburbs were without power for 24 hours or more.

Regional centres like, Port Lincoln, Whyalla and Ceduna were without power for days and more remote towns and rural properties were powerless for more than a week…

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Delusional NSW Energy Minister Claims Wind & Solar More Reliable Than Coal & Gas


Australia’s power pricing and supply calamity is down to greedy renewable energy rent seekers aided and abetted by pliant and gullible politicians. And, on the latter score, there’s none more so than the NSW Energy Minister, Don Harwin.

Harwin, a sanctimonious windbag, is part of a small and insidious clique of Liberal politicians and lobbyists heavily invested in the renewable energy scam. His recent unhinged rantings sound more like what might be heard at a Green party RE love in, rather than what should be emanating from a Minister in a notionally conservative government, claiming the pretense of caring about industry, jobs and growth.

Among the complete and utter nonsense spouted about Australia’s self-inflicted energy debacle, Harwin made the ludicrous statement that wind and solar are more reliable than the conventional generation sources, gas and coal. Perhaps the sun never sets on Harwin? And he can never have seen a…

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Time to Say Goodbye

Quixotes Last Stand

Well, after 6 years, it’s time to close down QuixotesLastStand.  I’ve been an environmentalist crusader since my first walkathon to save the whales, before I was even a teenager.  Now, almost 50 years later, it’s time to pass the torch to a younger generation.

With his degree in forestry, Paul has been relentless in his desire to get people to understand the importance and value of keeping and planting MORE trees, to help the environment, rather than cutting them down to put up useless, inefficient and unreliable wind turbines whose destruction to the earth far outweighs any meagre benefit they give.

Paul and I have done what we could to warn of the serious environmental issues surrounding industrial wind turbines and the greedy multinational billion dollar corporations and politicians who get rich off of them.

We, as a whole, can work to help this planet without seniors dying of hypothermia…

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Climate Con-Job: You Know It’s a Ponzi Scheme When Pure Fantasy Has a Colossal Price


The wind industry is just the latest and largest in a long line of great Ponzi schemes, like the South-Sea Bubble and Dutch tulip mania.

In the wind industry, the scam is all about pitching bogus projected returns (based on overblown wind “forecasts”) (see our posts here and here and here and here); claiming that wind turbines will run for 25 years, without the need for so much as an oil change (see our posts here and here and here); and telling investors that massive government mandated subsidy schemes will outlast religion (see our posts here and here and here).

The story is the same, the world over: wind power doesn’t run on wind, it runs on subsidies. The merest threat to which has the wind industry, its parasites and spruikers howling ‘blue murder’.

But, for as long as governments are prepared to squander billions of…

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