French Kiss of Death: Paris Obsession Driving Australian Power Prices Through the Roof


For Australian households and businesses being crushed by out-of-control power prices the Paris Climate Agreement is a maniac’s suicide note.

With nothing else to justify the $60 billion being thrown in subsidies at chaotically intermittent wind and solar, renewable energy rent seekers are clinging to the notion that the deal done in the City of Light will forever hold them harmless from both political and commercial reality.

The more insane aspects of the Paris agreement are yet to bite in Australia: agriculture and transport will eventually suffer the same self-inflicted destruction that has been meted out in the power generation sector.

Australia’s cattle and sheep herds currently number in the tens of millions: 26 million beef cattle and 2.8 million milkers; sheep number around 74 million. Under the Paris deal sheep and cattle numbers will need to be slashed by more than 26% to meet its target for…

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America Pushes Nuclear Option: President Launches Plan for Advanced Nuclear Plants


America truly is exceptional: while plenty of Western democracies are still piling into subsidised wind and solar, the USA is getting out.

Prior to the election of Donald J Trump, the US was on an economy wrecking trajectory, set by renewable energy rent seekers and the eco-zealots that champion their cause: numerous American states, not least Texas and California, as well as the prairies of the mid-west have been overrun with costly and chaotic subsidised wind and solar.

Power prices in those states inevitably rocketed – wind and solar ‘powered’  Californians pay 40% more for power than the US average – threatening homegrown American industry and hundreds of thousands of blue-collar jobs.

Then came Donald Trump, and all that changed.

One of the loudest advocates for wind and solar in the US, Audrey Zibelman was run out of town and ended up in Australia – where she’s clearly determined to…

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Wind Power’s Total Wipe-out: Study Shows Bats Perish or Vanish Wherever Wind Turbines Go Up


Wind and sun worshipping eco-zealots don’t hold a monopoly on hypocrisy, but come very close.

As nasty as they are sanctimonious, the more active and vociferous members of the wind cult have no difficulty in justifying the destruction of pristine landscapes; the dismemberment of once cohesive, rural communities; the creation of toxic waste lands in China (where the rare earths essential to wind turbines are processed); power prices that punish the poorest and most vulnerable in society; and barely bat an eyelid at the slaughter of millions upon millions of birds and bats, across the globe.

In a study carried out in New-Caledonia it was found that bats were either being sliced and diced by these things, or otherwise they simply vanish, presumably heading for safer territory.

Wind turbines impact bat activity, leading to high losses of habitat use in a biodiversity hotspot
Ecological Engineering
Lara Millon…

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Sudden Wind Change: Wind Industry Wilts as Ontario Scraps ‘Green’ Energy Act

Doug Ford… Working on making Ontario a prosperous province once again, not one requiring hand-outs!


Ontario’s Kathleen Wynne simultaneously destroyed her political fortunes, as she set about destroying one of Canada’s most productive provinces.

A raft of policies drawn up by Wynne and her fellow eco-zealots, all safely ensconced in Toronto, resulted in thousands of these things being speared right across Ontario.

Furious communities and rocketing power prices are the only ‘dividends’ on show.

Wynne and her band of lunatic Liberals were duly rewarded with an electoral drubbing at the hand of Doug Ford and his Progressive Conservatives back in June.

Ford reduced the Liberals to a sullen rump, after running on a platform that made no secret of his hostility to heavily subsidised and completely chaotic wind power.

Ford promised to scrap the Green Energy Act, put in place by Wynne’s Liberals, that was primarily responsible for wrecking Ontario.

Here’s a trifecta from Toronto on Ford’s efforts to undo the damage done, starting with…

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Full-Steam Ahead: China & Japan Snub Intermittent Wind & Solar to Build Hundreds of New-Age Coal-Fired Plants


One hackneyed myth propounded by RE zealots is that China is well on its way to an all wind and sun powered future. The reality differs.

Instead of worshipping nature’s wonder fuels, China is flat out building hundreds of high-efficiency, low-emissions coal-fired plant, in a concerted effort to drag itself out of the grinding agrarian poverty which, not so long ago, gripped the country fast.

If costly and chaotic wind and solar were ever in favour in the People’s Republic, they’ve clearly fallen out of favour now.

Where Mao and his Red Army drove the Communist revolution, it’s coal-fired power that’s driving China today, and for generations to come.

China secretly building hundreds of new coal plants, new report claims
The Australian
Graham Lloyd
27 September 2018

China is building hundreds of new coal-fired power plants with a capacity equal to five times Australia’s entire electricity market despite assurances from…

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Victorian Victory: Council Slams Wind Farm Proposal After Angry Mob Reads Riot Act


Mortlake’s (un)welcoming committee tells developer to shove it.

Nothing attracts a furious mob like a threatened wind farm. Victorians have erupted over plans to spear hundreds of these things into peaceful and prosperous rural communities across their fertile state.

The well-disciplined and concerted opposition that’s broken out has completely rattled the wind power outfit pushing the project and the institutional cronies that does the wind industry’s bidding.

These days, the mobs that gather to oppose wind power developments are well-informed, they’re angry and they’re not about to give up. And, as we reported last week, the troops that marshalled at Hawkesdale and Mortlake are Victoria’s vanguard: Victoria Erupts: Furious Mob Rejects Premier Dan Andrew’s Insane Wind Power Push

In the past, disgruntled locals have been treated with a mix of condescension and contempt by local councils. But with Victoria’s councils finally being held accountable to their constituents for the suffering caused…

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Living in Australia? Then You’re Being Powered By Coal – So Deal With It!


If you’re reading this post in Australia, you’re doing so thanks to coal-fired power. Don’t like it? Then get off the internet.

And, while you’re at it, turn off your lights, your air-conditioner, let your smart phone run flat and, just for laughs, start tackling busy intersections without the benefit of traffic lights. Wind ‘powered’ South Australians are masters at it.

The reason that renewable energy zealots and their propagandists have been so successful, to date, is that Joe public has no idea how electricity is generated, and no idea where it really comes from.

On a frosty, dead calm morning in June every last watt and amp being generated comes from coal, gas and hydro, in that order. With that lucky old Sun yet to bob over the horizon and barely a zephyr to be had, around 85% of the electricity that finds its way Australia’s Eastern Grid is…

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