Blackouts Beckon: Calm Weather & Sunset Deliver Chaos in Renewables Obsessed Australia


South Australians know the summertime drill…

In renewables obsessed Australia these days, whenever the sun sets and/or calm weather sets, the talk inevitably turns to blackouts.

Last summer, load shedding caught power consumers short in South Australia, Victoria and NSW. Energy hungry businesses such as aluminium smelters and even hospitals were forced to power down during run a scorching days and nights, when temperatures soared and wind power output plummeted: Australia Closes Coal-Fired Power Plants: Hospitals Forced to Cut Power Use & Power Prices Rocket

This summer, the barbecue stopper will literally be another round of what’s euphemistically called “demand management”: Soviet era power rationing, an integral part of Australia’s ludicrous attempt to run on sunshine and breezes. If it wasn’t deadly serious, it’d almost be hilarious.

STT made the point a week or so back – Summer Holiday-Hell: Power Consumers Face Staggering Bill Whenever Wind Power Goes AWOL – here’s…

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Digging It: Nuclear Power the Obvious Solution For Australia’s Power Pricing & Supply Crisis


BHP’s Olympic Dam ships uranium to the world.

The dividend from Australia’s obsession with wind and solar is rocketing power prices and a grid on the brink of collapse. This summer, mass load shedding events are guaranteed, although those responsible for Soviet-era power rationing – the new ‘normal’ in what was once an energy superpower – are trained to refer to it as “demand management”. The cause will be, as always, collapses in wind and solar output – thanks to those pesky phenomena: sunset and dead-calm weather.

With Labor and the Greens trying to outdo each other about their visceral hatred of coal and the myriad of benefits it produces (not least being reliable and affordable electricity), carbon dioxide gas will remain the bogeyman for years to come.

The only, indeed the perfect, foil to the anti-CO2 mob is nuclear power.

While coal-fired power plant currently provide around 85% of…

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Labor’s Renewables Insanity Hits New High With Bill Shorten’s Million Battery Brain Fart


Musk hoodwinked SA, now Bill Shorten
wants to hoodwink the entire Country.

Despite the hype from RE zealots, the chaotic and occasional delivery of wind and solar won’t be cured with batteries, large or small.

Sure, at a technical level, it is possible to store large volumes of electricity for a period, such that it might be released when power consumers need it. However, were such a thing ever attempted, the cost of the electricity generated, stored and later released would be astronomical and beyond the reach of all but billionaires and rock stars.

The world’s largest battery cuts a lonely figure in a paddock near Jamestown in South Australia’s mid North; it doesn’t generate power; it stores a piddling 100 MW worth; it consumes power during each charge/discharge cycle, lost as heat energy; it cost taxpayers $150 million; and would satisfy SA’s minimum power demand for all of…

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Powerful Nonsense: Even With Mythical Mega-Batteries 100% Renewable Energy Remains 100% Fantasy


No country has ever powered itself entirely on sunshine and breezes. But that doesn’t deter the delusional from claiming it can be done. With the kind of fanatical zeal that led to virgins being thrown into volcanoes, politicians announce their commitment to an all sun and wind powered future, as if such a thing was a given and unicorns were a real thing.

Ignoring pesky phenomena, such as calm weather and sunset, the latest wheeze is that – when wind power output collapses on a total and totally unpredictable basis (see above the output from every wind turbine connected to Australia’s Eastern Grid in June) and/or the sun goes down and solar output plummets with it – giant batteries will, somehow, save the day.

Attempting to defy the laws of physics, nature and economics, a growing number of American politicians are dragging their states and cities down the rabbit hole.

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RET Regrets: Nothing to Show for Wind & Solar Surge Except Rocketing Prices & Supply Chaos


Thanks to an obsession with wind and solar Australians now pay retail power prices among the highest in the world. The wind and solar capital, South Australia suffers the highest, bar none.

The reasons it got that way are hardly a mystery. Dr Michael Crawford’s graphic should help the uninitiated.

The staggering cost of the subsidies is born by power consumers, and so is the enormous cost of the chaos delivered in the market place whenever the sun sets and/or calm weather sets in.

This is a Country that was once renowned as an energy superpower. Now its people are virtually energy paupers. How it got that way is a travesty. Indeed, as Alan Moran puts it, the causes and consequences of Australia’s renewable energy policies are utterly diabolical.

The Diabolic Policy Dilemmas Created by Previous Energy Policies
Catallaxy Files
Alan Moran
14 November 2018

Regulatory measures – subsidies for…

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Torture Earns Subsidies


Except for warfare, our society does not tolerate machinery that damages the public. In the case of wind projects the non-impacted public has been led to believe that harm done by wind projects is not real and therefore needs no correction.

The Minister for Energy, Angus Taylor, is focussed on energy costs. Those matters are discussed in our post: Dealing with Excessive Power Costs.

It was noted when Taylor took on the Ministry, that health matters deriving from wind turbines would not be the Minister’s responsibility.

This is a pity.

We know that wind turbines are unsafe and cause considerable and lasting damage to neighbours. There is some debate whether the word torture fits the repetitive and severe impact on some country residents.

The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines Torture is the infliction of severe bodily pain with the addition of the words “especially as a punishment or a means of…

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Climate Alarmism Meets Energy Realism: Climate Scientists Reject Wind & Solar & Demand Nuclear Powered Future


In the climate alarmists’ worldwide crusade against carbon dioxide gas, only the most delusional still believe that wind and solar power add anything to their arsenal.

As we have said repeatedly, nuclear power is the only stand-alone power generation source which is capable of delivering power on demand, without CO2 emissions being generated in the process.

Perversely, notwithstanding that Australia is in the top 3 uranium exporters, it’s the only G20 country with a legislated prohibition on nuclear power generation.

The French use nuclear power to generate around 75% of their electricity and they pay around half of what it costs retail customers in wind ‘powered’ South Australia. Anyone claiming nuclear power is expensive, clearly haven’t been paying attention.A bit over 12 months back, we reported on one of America’s leading eco-warriors, Michael Shellenberger and his road to Damascus moment. Michael has turned on wind and solar with a passion, and…

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