Tasmanian Wombats Suffering from Wind Turbine Noise & Vibration


Healthy wombat: happy about living wind turbine free.


The wind industry has spent a veritable fortune generating propaganda that attacks anyone complaining about the adverse health effects caused by wind turbine noise and vibration, ridiculing them as tin-foil-hatted, climate change denying, lunatics.

For that purpose, in Australia, the wind industry enlisted a former tobacco advertising guru, who peddles a theory called ‘nocebo’, that is meant to explain away every health complaint, including chronic sleep deprivation caused by wind turbine noise, as a figment of the sufferers’ fertile imaginations.

That theory comes unstuck when the victims are from species a little lower down on the evolutionary chain.

Studies in Poland have shown that geese living within proximity of these things suffer increased cortisol levels, indicative of the stress caused by exposure to incessant turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound: Preliminary studies on the reaction of growing geese to the…

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Trawlermen vs Turbines: Offshore Wind Farms Putting Scottish Fishermen Out of Business


Celebrated in the BBC reality TV series, ‘Trawlermen’ the men that brave the waves in search of the seafood that graces British dining tables, restaurants and fish and chip shops risk life and limb to bring the catch home.

Ruthlessly competitive, British fishermen not only have to contend with mountainous seas and other Trawlermen, now the fishing grounds that they fiercely guard as their own are literally being stolen out from under them.

In just the latest example, Scottish Trawlermen operating in the Moray Firth are about to be displaced by hundreds of offshore wind turbines. The fishermen concerned are hoping that they might receive some kind of compensation for the massive financial loss. From STT’s long association with the wind industry, we wish them luck – they’re going to need it.

Offshore wind farm work could ignite ‘creel wars’ in Moray Firth
The Press and Journal

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Renewables Rent-Seekers Panic as Wind Power Operators Forced to Pay Back-Up Costs


If there is one thing that renewables-rent-seekers dread more than calm and cloudy weather, it has to be uncertainty.

Always keen to preach about how cheap wind power has become, but always reticent to release their grip on the subsidy teat, the wind industry, its parasites and spruikers are now in a flat panic after the release of Alan Finkel’s report on Australia’s electricity market fiasco.

As detailed in our last few posts, much of it arises from the realms of fantasy and fiction. However, it has thrown one whopping spanner in the works, by dictating that wind and solar power generators be required to deliver power around the clock, whatever the weather.

Finkel’s edict provides wind and solar power outfits with a choice between adding monstrous (as yet, non-existent) batteries to their operations and building fast-start peaking power plants (which means either highly inefficient Open Cycle Gas…

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How ‘Green’ is Wind Power: Offshore Wind Farms Killing Whales


One her way to be ‘saved’ by the wind industry…


Energy generation systems of all descriptions take their toll, but only one of them claims moral superiority over all others. That increasingly tenuous claim rests on the ‘we’re saving the planet’ mantra – chanted by the wind cult around the Globe.

Not for the first time, and not for the last time, wind turbine noise and vibration has clocked up Cetacean fatalities, messing with whale’s sonar guidance and communication systems: Wind Turbine Noise Terrorising Whales

Here’s how offshore wind farms in Britain are doing their bit for the environment.

Three whales wash up dead on UK coast and two are injured ‘after becoming distressed by offshore windfarm’
The Mirror
Chris Kitching and Katie Ridley
21 May 2017

The first dead whale – a calf – was spotted on a mudbank before the carcasses of two adults were found later.


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Wind Power Outfit – NextEra Drives Off Bats Using Sonic Torture Devices


A justifiably angry Esther Wrightman unloads on NextEra’s latest outrage in Ontario.

Wind developers deploy ultrasonic units to ‘jam’ bat echolocation
Ontario Wind Resistance
Esther Wrightman
26 May 2017

NextEra is sticking Ultrasonic Units on their Jericho, Goshen and Bluewater wind turbines for the purpose of deterring bats from flying near them.

Perhaps this wouldn’t piss me off so much if pre-construction they had absolutely no idea that bats were going to be killed by their machines.

But they did. And they built them anyways. Now what is their solution?

To “jam” (their word) the bat’s echolocation with ultrasonic frequencies. Then they won’t be able to communicate or know where the fuck (yeah I’m mad) they are flying, and will hopefully flee to some non-turbine infested area, if they still exist anywhere locally. I believe this is called “habitat displacement”, which Dr. Scott Petrie warned all the wind developers of…

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Scotland Squanders ₤Billions on Subsidised Wind & Gets Stone Age Power in Return


Nicola Sturgeon: exultant wind industry profiteer.


A decade or so from now, when thousands of wind turbines are quietly rusting in some dimwit’s back paddock, the next generation will rightly ask why states and whole nations squandered $billions on a wholly weather dependent power source, abandoned centuries ago for pretty obvious reasons?

Eventually, the spotlight will turn on the political enablers who made it happen.

In Scotland, characters like Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond have exhibited a maniacal obsession with wind power, which can only be explained through political ambition and financial gain (these days, the latter being essential to guarantee the former).

Sturgeon and Salmond (indeed politicians of all shades) have benefited handsomely through donations thrown their way from foreign wind turbine manufacturers and foreign-owned wind power outfits.

In Australia, the Labor Party is fueled by money channelled from Union super funds which are heavily invested in…

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Renewables Rent-Seekers Reel as Trump Defies Climate-Cult & Delivers Fatal Blow to Paris Agreement


Donald Trump continues to infuriate the intelligentsia by delivering on the things he promised to deliver when he ran for President (how dare he!?!). They collectively dismissed him as a presidential hopeful and are still seething at the fact that they failed to predict his triumph; or, rather, to have guaranteed his defeat.

Where the media class took him literally, but not seriously; the American voting public took him seriously, but not literally. Now the American President has given his critics even more reason to fume.

On Friday, Trump delivered on his promise to withdraw from the Paris climate change agreement. That move makes perfect economic sense: reliable and affordable energy brings with it jobs, prosperity and wealth.

Except for those rent seekers who depend for their very existence upon the government mandates and subsidies that deem wind and solar power to be the only ‘solution’ to an overhyped ‘problem’.

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