Reliable Power Play: Monash Forum Australia’s Last Best Hope for Sensible Energy Policy


Craig Kelly: peoples’ Champion fights for affordable & reliable power.

Australia’s mainstream media occupy a fact and consequence free zone, where the sun always shines and the wind always blows. How else can their cult-like veneration of wind and solar power be explained?

With a growing group of National and Liberal MPs joining the Monash Forum, and dictating the terms about Australia’s energy future, those wedded to the idea that you can power an entire country, entirely on sunshine and breezes, have just had their comfy confidence in their intellectual and moral superiority, permanently shattered.

Here’s Alan Moran helping to smash their esteemed, and hitherto entrenched, sense of smugness.

Can the backbench energy revolt steer us back low cost electricity?
Catallaxy Files
Alan Moran
4 April 2018

It all came so suddenly.

Over the Easter break a ginger group of Coalition backbenchers, the Monash Forum, was announced.  Chaired…

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Ontario Obsession: How Wynne’s Wind Power Cult Wrecked Once Prosperous Province


Those places with the highest power prices in the world (Ontario, Denmark, Germany and South Australia) have a few things in common: an obsession with wind and/or solar and zealots in charge, hellbent on driving that obsession.

Over the last decade, Ontario has been overrun with these things: driving power prices through the roof; driving neighbours nuts and out of their homes, altogether; and wrecking underground water supplies.

From Kathleen Wynne down, Ontario’s government has done everything in its power to destroy once peaceful and very prosperous rural communities.

Here’s a primer on how the disaster started.

GOLDSTEIN: Green energy is Grits’ mega-blunder
Toronto Sun
Lorrie Goldstein
25 March 2018

When it comes to the countless blunders Ontario’s Liberal government has committed on the energy file, its passage of the Green Energy and Green Economy Act in 2009 was its worst blunder of all.

It facilitated the waste of billions…

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Australia’s Renewable Energy Chaos Has Investors Clamouring For Coal-Fired Power Plants


Full-steam ahead: RE disaster turns Liddell into a glittering prize.

Remember all those stories about wind power replacing coal? No? STT has forgotten them, too.

An idiotic obsession with wind and solar power, has sent power prices rocketing and placed Australia’s once perfectly reliable power grid on the brink of collapse.

That those states connected to the Eastern Grid (QLD, NSW, SA, Victoria and Tasmania) avoided a complete ‘system’ black during the Summer just past was more good luck than good management.

During the few short spells of hot weather, grid managers employed what’s euphemistically called ‘demand management’, chopping hospitals and energy hungry businesses from the grid; a tactic not used much since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

States like Queensland and NSW – with plenty of coal-fired plant – are still blessed with an abundance of baseload generating capacity; unlike SA and Victoria.

AGL owns one of those…

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Beeline to Fury: Korean Farmers Declare War on Wind Power – For Wrecking Communities & Killing Bees


Plenty of fiction is needed to explain away the health effects suffered by humans forced to live with incessant, wind turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound.

Wind industry stooges reckon it must all be in their silly little heads. Except that there’s a veritable menagerie of less imaginative critters stuck next to these things, that suffer just the same as the wind industry’s human victims.

Studies in Poland have shown that geese living within proximity of these things suffer increased cortisol levels, indicative of the stress caused by exposure to incessant turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound: Preliminary studies on the reaction of growing geese to the proximity of wind turbines

Out on the American Prairie, researchers in Kansas observed how – after wind turbines went up nearby – rare Greater Prairie Chickens had abandoned their long-established nesting sites within 8 km of turbines: Wind Turbine Noise Causes Greater Prairie…

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Mass Blade Fail Means Early ‘Retirement’ for Hundreds of Danish Wind Turbines


Offshore wind turbines have the lifespan of a gnat in summer.

Among the lies pedalled by the wind industry is that wind turbines run on the smell of an oily rag and last for more than 25 years.

The pitch is made to beguile the gullible (read, ‘planning authorities’, ‘politicians’, ‘bankers’ and ‘investors’) into believing that their operating costs can be covered out of petty cash – which fits with the other great line about there being nothing as ‘free’ as the wind.

Mechanical wear and tear, including bearing failure is one of the most common reasons for turbines to be put out of action; and is one of the key factors that accounts for the fact that the ‘economic’ life of wind turbines is 10-12 years, which runs contrary to wild claims about them lasting for “25-plus years” (see our post here and this paper).

Top flight German…

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Ontario’s Water Wars: Wind Turbine Construction Turns Underground Water to Toxic Sludge


Ontario’s farmers keep complaining about the toxic sludge coming out of their wells, while the wind power outfits that have obviously caused the damage, keep lying about it.

Pile-driving and the excavations required for 400m³ of steel reinforced concrete for the hundreds of turbine bases across Chatham-Kent are the only new and intervening factor capable of turning (hitherto potable) underground water a silty black.

Locals know it, and are keen to seek redress from the powers that be:

Chatham-Kent residents take water wells fight to Queen’s Park
CTV Windsor
Michelle Maluske
8 March 2018

A group of Chatham-Kent residents took their fight for better water to Queen’s Park.

Members of the Water Wells First group held a news conference in Toronto on Thursday, hoping to get more attention to an issue that has been discussed locally for more than a year.

The group is upset with the North-Kent wind farm…

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Electric Dreams: Energy Minister Pushes Coal-Powered Cars


Signalling ‘green’ virtue by plugging into coal.

Those virtuous few driving all-Electric Vehicles are bound to ignore the fact that their cars really run on coal. A few posts back, STT covered Energy Minister, Josh Frydenberg’s latest flight of fancy: Fossil Fuel Renaissance: Australia’s Energy Minister Promotes Coal-Powered Cars

While there’s nothing wrong in theory about all-Electric Vehicles, if they really were a sensible substitute for petrol or diesel-powered vehicles, they’d already be jumping off the shelves. Except, for some strange reason, they aren’t.

Trevor St Baker is the founder of ERM Power, an energy retailer and generator. Here he pokes the groovy ‘green’ bear by stating the bleeding obvious: all-EVs run on coal.

We’ll need a lot of coal for electric cars
The Australian
Trevor St Baker
12 March 2018

The energy renewables zealots and their calls for the closure of coal-fired power stations — ­expecting solar and wind to…

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