Politics of Power: Spiralling Power Prices Signal End for Wind & Solar Subsidies


In Australia, nothing stops a barbecue like the topic of ever spiralling power prices. Across the country, retail power prices have been rising at double-digit rates for the last four years: across the NEM States and the ACT retail power prices have increased between 13 and 28% – year-on-year – over the last three years.

More than 200,000 households struggled through winter without electricity. For RE zealots, though, freezing someone else’s granny to death is all part of the ‘inevitable transition’ to an all-wind and sun powered future. It is, after all, all for the greater good.

Renewable energy rent seekers and the eco-zealots who run interference for them, are living in desperate times.

They’re being forced to ramp up the usual string of lies, in order to deflect attention from the bleeding obvious: adding heavily subsidised and chaotically intermittent wind and solar has driven Australian power prices through…

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Wind & Solar’s Mega-Cost Delivers Mega-Failure: RE Supplying Less than 1% During Peak Demand


If you live in Australia, and you’re reading this post, you’re doing so thanks to coal. If you don’t like it, shut your device down now. The electricity that’s powering it, your home, the internet, etc, etc isn’t coming from sunshine and breezes. It’s coming from a coal-fired power plant. So, deal with it!

Over 20 years, after more than $20 billion in subsidies to wind and solar, their actual contribution to power demand in this Country remains risible. When power demand peaks, and supply really matters, the trivial amount of electricity offered up by wind and solar is little more than a rounding error.

All those windmills and all those solar panels rarely muster up one whole percentage point, when it counts. Coal-fired power, on the other hand, just keeps on keeping on. Delivering affordable power, whatever the weather.

Here’s a few hard numbers from Anton Lang on…

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Crunch Time: Australia’s Self-Inflicted Energy Crisis Demands End to Wind & Solar Subsidies


What’s missing from Australia’s self-inflicted energy crisis, is reason and common sense. When you’ve dug yourself into a hole, the first remedial action is to stop digging.

Instead, Australia has a PM, Malcolm Turnbull and an Energy Minister, Josh Frydenberg, determined to wreck every last vestige of productive industry and enterprise in this country, while punishing households with the highest power prices in the world.

That determination is evidenced by their continual pandering to renewable energy rent-seekers and the eco-zealots that worship them.

Frydenberg is peddling his National Energy Guarantee, with all the grinning verve of a vaudeville showman.

Telling lies about power prices having already fallen (when, in fact, retail prices have jumped between 20 and 24% in those states reliant on renewables); and making ludicrous promises that, by increasing wind and solar capacity, power prices will plummet, further still.

As we’ve pointed out plenty of times before, adding…

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Deepwater in Deep Trouble: Fishermen Tell Off-Shore Wind Farm Developers to F@*#K Off


Wind developers just ran aground off the New Jersey coast, with fishermen telling them to stick their wind turbines where the sun don’t shine.

Gripped with a maniacal obsession with wind power, New York State, under Andrew Cuomo, is determined to wreck its once affordable and reliable power supplies, and much more, besides. It’s not as if New Yorkers are short of power.

With tens of billions of dollars in subsidies up for grabs, RE rent-seekers have scoped out every last inch of territory in which they might get to spear a few more of these whirling wonders, and start harvesting those subsidies, in earnest. Like all forms of crony capitalism, the rent-seekers will do and say anything to win political favour. Building subsidised offshore wind turbines, is no exception.

Part of the ‘theatre’ involves holding ‘community consultations’, where the developer’s coterie of hand-picked and highly paid pet experts pontificate…

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Rent-Seeker’s Nirvana: Ultra-Rich Pocket $Billions in Wind & Solar Subsidies at Our Expense


The hundreds of $billions paid in subsidies to intermittent wind and solar constitute the largest wealth transfer in economic history.

In Australia, the Federal Government’s Large-Scale RET gouges $60 billion from power consumers over the life of the scam, and redirects it to such worthy outfits as AGL and our favourite whipping boys, Infigen. In the history of the Commonwealth, no other single industry subsidy scheme comes anywhere near it in value.

When motor manufacturers, General Motors Holden and Toyota put their hands out for a measly $500 million to maintain their Australian operations, then PM, Tony Abbott told them would “not chase them down the road waving a blank cheque at them“.

A mere half $billion would have saved something like 20 or 30,000 jobs across the sector.

At present, the combined subsidies to wind and solar exceed $4 billion a year, and the number of…

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Descent Into Chaos: Australia’s Renewable Energy Policies Implode As Power Prices Rocket Out of Control


Blind panic doesn’t cover it: Australia’s energy crisis has MPs and rent-seekers running around like chooks with their heads cut off.

Retail power prices (see above) have jumped anywhere between 20 and 28% in the last 12 months, in those states with major wind and solar capacity – adding to 13-20% increases, the previous year.

Energy Minister, Josh Frydenberg – who can’t come to grips with the hard numbers above and keeps on telling porkies on that score – has slammed into a brick wall, as he tries to sell his version of the National Energy Guarantee. The Green/Labor Alliance and its PR wing, GetUp! are determined to wreck it. While plenty of Liberal and National MPs have worked out that it is simply the RET on steroids, will cross the floor to vote against it. Then there’s the Senate…

Try as he might, Frydenberg’s NEG is a dead…

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Germany’s Ticking Turbine Time Bombs: Green-Induced Environmental Nightmare Unfolds


The wind industry continues to deliver up a bevy of eco-irony, a gift to those sick to death of the moral piety dished up by its deluded acolytes.

Turbines exploding into flames, blades exploding into the ether and turbines, well, just plain exploding – make a mockery of claims by cultists that wind power is clean, green and as safe as houses.

Every time a wind worshipper starts praising their beloveds, yet another catastrophic turbine failure pops up somewhere in the world.

The likelihood of such calamities has reached a form of certitude in the world’s wind power Mecca, Germany.

Barely a day goes past without some form of pyrotechnic meltdown or exhilarating disintegration, providing neighbours with plenty of cheap thrills.

Aside from the mortal threat these things pose to those unfortunate enough to be lumbered with them in their backyards, there’s the broader environmental threat posed by tens of…

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