Psychological Warfare. Are we the Last to Know? Gang-green Uses it on Us!

Psychological Warfare for Dhimmis

An Islamist religious judge recently sentenced a Christian woman to hang, for being a Christian. Militant Islam has declared war on the entire civilized world, which it calls openly the Dar-el-Harb (House of War). The Harbis, the inhabitants of the Dar-el-Harb, are dhimmis, who have no right to own property, govern their own affairs, or even live.

How can the “dhimmis” respond?  By joining forces to take out the world’s trash. There exists a weapon of war it is legal for anybody, whether civilian or military, to use during peacetime. This weapon is psychological warfare, and its deployment involves three steps.

  1. Identify our objectives. Our goal is to totally discredit and demonize militant “Islam” throughout the Western World, and convince its adherents to self-deport if they won’t assimilate into their surrounding societies.
  2. Identify the Propaganda Men, or the audiences we wish to persuade. These include people in our camp, neutrals, and the enemy rank and file.
  3. Deploy arguments that are simple, visceral, and forceful. Sally Hogshead, an expert on the power of fascination in business relationships, states that a communication has about nine seconds in which to capture the attention of the person to whom it is directed. Germany learned the hard way in World War I that long-winded intellectual arguments from Professor-Doctors don’t work, while pictures of murderous “Huns” with babies on their bayonets do.

Anti-German Propaganda: “For God, Fatherland, and King”

Define the Objective and the Enemy

The goal of our propaganda is to counteract the Islamist campaign to subjugate Jews, Christians, Hindus, and the wrong kinds of Muslims. The enemy strategy begins with calls for “tolerance,” demonizes enemies as Islamophobes, continues with speech-code legislation to criminalize discussion of Islamist violence andmisogyny, with the goal of imposing dhimmitude and Sharia law. Islamist invaders have already created “no-go” zones that are off limits to unarmed Europeans, including police officers.

Our goal is not, however, to protest these outrages, or defend ourselves against them. Propaganda is, like the lance and saber of the horse and musket era, an almost exclusively offensive weapon. As stated by General Patton,

The saber is solely a weapon of offense and is used in conjunction with the other offensive weapon, the horse. In all the training, the idea of speed must be conserved. No direct parries are taught, because at the completion of a parry the enemy is already beyond reach of an attack. The surest parry is a disabled opponent.

Charles M. Province added, “The cavalryman rides at a man to kill him. If he misses, he goes on to another, moving in straight lines with the intent of running his opponent through.” Good propaganda similarly makes little effort to fend off the enemy’s arguments, and seeks instead to discredit him so thoroughly that nothing he does is relevant. If we prove to the Propaganda Man (the individual we wish to persuade) that Islamists are woman-beating misogynists,child rapists, and human traffickers, the Islamists’ propaganda will cease to matter. The surest parry is indeed a disabled opponent.

Identify the Propaganda Man

The Propaganda Men are clearly identifiable as:

  1. People in our camp whom we wish to engage or mobilize. We want to turn everybody on our side into an engaged, enthusiastic, and active participant instead of a passive bystander.
  2. Neutrals, such as the John Doe of public opinion. In Europe, these neutrals often tolerate the Islamist infestation, and are afraid to speak up about it. This does not mean they won’t follow those who set the right example.
  3. The enemy rank and file, whom we want to disengage, desert, or even change sides.

Colonel Paul Linebarger’s Psychological Warfare adds that it is bad policy to define the enemy too widely. Consider, for example, Steve Benson’s cartoons of “NRA members.” The NRA should purchase Benson’s cartoons, and publish them in every issue of The American Rifleman. This would mobilize currently unengaged gun owners to the point where they will vent their fury on anything that vaguely resembles an enemy of the Second Amendment in every election.

Advocates of blanket attacks on Islam add that the Koran sanctions violence against infidels, and that all Muslims believe in the Koran. The Old Testament, in which God allegedly tells the Hebrews to commit genocide, is equally bad. Modern Jews do not behave like Old Testament Hebrews. Modern Christians do not conduct Inquisitions or witch trials, or slaughter the wrong kinds of Christians as took place during the Thirty Years War. Civilized Muslims do not imitate Mohammed by engaging in murder, banditry, and child rape, although problem Muslims do.

The problem Muslims are easily identifiable from their actions and statements. Note the noxious expressions of the Islamists who are calling for the bombing of Denmark, along with their threats to take Danish women as war booty.  It would require very little of this to turn Western bystanders into full participants in the war against Jihad.

Deploy Arguments that are Simple, Visceral, and Forceful

War propaganda is simple, persuasive, and easy to understand in seconds. Our goal is to demonize easily identifiable Islamist behaviors the way wartime propaganda once demonized Spaniards, Germans, Imperial Japanese, and Nazis.

Propaganda Posters: Spanish-American and World Wars

The Propaganda Man, or more precisely Propaganda Woman, for the next one is the female American college student who believes in women’s rights, but has some deluded and starry-eyed notions about the true nature of the Muslim Student Association on her campus.

Waste Not, Want Not: Another Off the Shelf Public Domain Image

It is also important to deploy short, simple, and accurate names for the enemy. During the Second World War, Americans were encouraged to “slap a dirty little Jap.” Hitler’s soldiers became Krauts, Huns, and Boche, and here are some phrases to describe today’s enemy:

  • Islamist: the modern counterpart of a Nazi who believes his ideology gives him the right to subjugate, kill, and/or rape outsiders.
  • Jihadi: which identifies bith the ideology and the technique.
  • Green Plague, from green as the color of Islamism.

The Black Plague and the Green Plague

The bottom line is that we are, whether we like it or not, in a war that the enemy has declared on us. We must therefore fight him with weapons of war, which include propaganda during peacetime. Our methods must be limited only by the need for truthfulness, and also the ethical duty to direct them solely against the self-declared enemies of our civilization.

William A. Levinson is the author of several books on business management including content on organizational psychology, as well as manufacturing productivity and quality.


6 thoughts on “Psychological Warfare. Are we the Last to Know? Gang-green Uses it on Us!

  1. well religion has always been the excuse needed to unify a army and murder innocents who do not conform to unjust and unrightous demands. unfortunantly people for get if there is a false relgion there is a true one, jesus showed the true, but men have decided to use him to perpetuate the very things he detested, oppression and murder. they will answer for their error what do you suppose the purpose of the united nations ws really set up for with Gods permission? to turn on religion, all of it, symbolized by the harlot in revelation, called Babylon the great all false religious beliefs came from Babylon before God confused their languages and they scattered around the world. sure the supporters of the un believe it is to establish a world government where just and fairness prevail or some such nonsense, it is really a conspiracy to stave off world war three and armegeddon, of course armgeddon is not mans war, it is Gods war against the wicked people who have formed themselves into governments, organizations and corporations and such. the reality is satan set up the un to unify the people to fight against Gods visible organization (humans cant fight God directly only the representatives people think the un is preventing this confrontation and satan knows it will lead to armegedon but he has to deceive people otherwise to get them to set this sytem up and support it by making them believe it is a good system to make the world a better place, it is a lie of course) god allows satan to do so because God wants to unify the world against him (like he did pharaoh and his army to attack his people) so people will show their true colors and be found out to be deserving of death. you have to take the leash off the dogs to see if they are truly vicious or not or obedient or not or just responding to the restriction caused by the leash (moral laws and proper policing proper peer pressure and they have to lose the fear of punishment) this is important it sets a precedent for the survivors and the angels are watching too. people have to choose whom they will serve, he doesn’t force anyone to do what I just said, but he allows people to actually do what has been in their hearts all along but did not have the opportunity to do so due to moral laws being taught in school and church and because of policing, but now these are being removed, you can see it everyday. wars come in many forms as you mentioned, people only see the obvious, but these wars are only invisible to those who do not choose to see or are to busy to notice.

  2. This design is incredible! You certainly know how to keep a
    reader entertained. Between your wit and your videos,
    I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Wonderful
    job. I really loved what you had to say, and more than that, how
    you presented it. Too cool!

  3. Heyya terrific website! Does running a blog such as this require a lot of work?
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    • Hi, There is not a lot of difficult info. required to start a blog such as this. WordPress makes it easy with simple and easy to follow instructions! Good luck, and enjoy your new website!

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