Susan Smith talks about the Pre-Screening of DownWind! It was wonderful!!

Tonight I had the opportunity to watch a pre-screening of “Down Wind”….a documentary thoroughly explaining the influx of industrial wind turbines throughout Ontario during the Liberal regime. It was an amazing revelation!!! A brilliant production!!!
I was so excited to attend this show in Toronto produced by Canada’s Sun News.
I was invited to go because I have been involved with the fantastic work initiated by Shellie Correia (the original Mothers Against Wind Turbines TM.). Her persistent goal, as many of you are aware, has been to protect her son against 3MW Industrial Wind Turbines proposed around 550 meters from her home in West Lincoln. In protecting her own son, Shellie has extended her concern to protect all children within Ontario against the negative impact from IWTs. Her influence has been acknowledged worldwide and is now of significant interest to all levels of government.
Needless to say, the opportunity to support the production of “Down Wind” was significant to Shellie and all of us who have joined her work for the original Mothers Against Wind Turbines TM group.
The show itself describes the negative impact of IWTs on many communities across Ontario where over 6736 IWTs have been installed, approved or proposed and 1915 are along beautiful Lake Huron alone.
Many of the people we have met at rallies were involved in the movie…..everything was mentioned…Mike Crawley’s influence,  how animals react, the loss of municipal control, the depreciation of real estate, illnesses that prevail,  including cancer which comes from lack of sleep, and impaired immune systems, due to infra sound and low frequency emissions. So much was included in the movie…even the plight of the tundra swans and the disappearance of earth worms, from around the wind turbines!
DownWind will be shown on Wednesday at 8 pm, on Sun News (channel 506 on Bell Expressview.)  There will be a second showing at 11 pm.
We have been invited to attend the leadership debate in Toronto tomorrow evening. It’s a busy time for all conscientious voters to get the facts.  We’ll keep you posted!    Susan


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