Big Wind Turbine Protest in the UK!

Join the Beverley March to say
for East Yorkshire

On the 12th July 2014, men, women and children from all areas of East Yorkshire will march on the town of Beverley to demonstrate to the government that “Enough is Enough”.




East Yorkshire is under siege and awash with Wind Turbines. Many parishes have been battling for over a decade to protect our landscape and heritage. “Enough is Enough”.


As supporters of renewable energy, East Yorkshire has permitted more than their share, now having the second-highest number of Wind Turbines in the whole of England. East Yorkshire is already bearing a disproportionate share of the national onshore wind burden, but yet they continue to come, adding more and more Turbines with their huge rotating blades, turning our county into an industrial wasteland. “Enough is Enough”.


The gentle views and peaceful pastures of the Yorkshire countryside with the Pennine Way, the beautiful Wolds and the landscape that now attracts events like the “Tour de France” and has World Heritage status, are being destroyed by these Turbines. They are too big, we have too many, they are too oppressive. “Enough is Enough”.


Many communities have been fighting endlessly from one application to another, rather than spending time preserving and investing into future growth of the land and its wildlife. All their energy and resources are being spent going from one battle to the next to stop this saturation of Turbines. They are all exhausted. “Enough is Enough”.


Give us back our County and close the door on any more Wind Turbine applications. Leave what is left of East Yorkshire and its countryside for generations to come, who will learn of the sacrifices these campaigners have made to protect their heritage:


We shall not fail or falter,
We shall not weaken or tire,
We shall go on until the end and never surrender,
Until we have liberated the East Yorkshire countryside for all.


“Enough is Enough”.

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