Live Stream of a Climate Realist’s Conference! This is an honest look at climate!

Day-Two Live Stream of #ICCC9 features founders of Greenpeace and The Weather Channel

Patrick Moore, John Coleman Deliver Morning Keynote Addresses to Kick Off Day of Panel Discussions, Award Presentations

LAS VEGAS — Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore and The Weather Channel founder John Coleman open Day Two of the Ninth International Conference on Climate Change(ICCC9) with keynote addresses at 8 a.m. PDT Tuesday, July 8 from Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. Details on live stream follow.

Click here to watch the live stream, which starts with morning plenary session and continues full with coverage of all panel discussions and keynote addresses until 5:15 p.m. PDT. The third day of the conference continues Wednesday. Click here for a full schedule.

Moore, a founding member of Greenpeace, is also receiving the “Speaks Truth to Power” award from the EarthFree Institute. The title of his speech is “Confessions of a Greenpeace Drop-out.” Coleman developed the concept and business plan for the cable network known as The Weather Channel, for which he served as CEO and president. He will deliver a keynote address Tuesday morning titled “How the Global Warming Frenzy Began.”

See bios of both speakers at the speakers page at the conference website.

“We’ve live-streamed part of our climate conferences in the past, but this is the first time we’ve offered every session on a live-stream to anyone, anywhere in the world,” said Jim Lakely, director of communications at The Heartland Institute. “There are no more excuses for those who say ‘the debate is over’ concerning climate science.”

A run-down of the day’s events, which will stream online here:

8:00 AM PDT Plenary Session

Keynotes: Dr. Patrick Moore and John Coleman

Awards: Patrick Moore receives the “Speaks Truth to Power Award” from the EarthFree Institute; E. Calvin Beisner receives the “Outstanding Spokesperson on Faith, Science, and Stewardship Award” from the Heritage Foundation

10:00 AM PDT Panels

Climate Change and the Hydrosphere: Dr. William Kininmonth, Dr. William Gray, and Dr. Roy Spencer (Moderator: Dr. John Dunn)

Carbon Taxes and the Social Cost of Carbon: Ken Haapala, Marlo Lewis, and Dr. David Kreutzer (Moderator: James Johnston)

Combating Climate Myths with Science and Facts: Tom Harris, James M. Taylor, and Anthony Watts (Moderator: Norman Rogers)

11:30 AM PDT Panels

NIPCC versus IPCC: Physical Science: Dr. Willie Soon, Dr. S. Fred Singer, and Dr. Robert Carter (Moderator: Craig Idso)

Who Benefits from Alarmism?: Ron Arnold, Dr. Sonja Boehmer-Christiansen, and Larry Bell (Moderator: James Johnston)

The Right Climate Stuff: Thomas Wysmuller, Dr. Hal Doiron, and Walter Cunningham (Moderator: Leighton Steward)

1:15 PM PDT Plenary Session

Keynotes: Dr. Patrick Michaels and Hon. George Christensen

Awards: Tom Harris receives the “Excellence in Climate Science and Policy Worldwide Award” from the Heartland Institute; Alan Carlin receives the “Climate Science Whistleblower Award” from the Don’t Tread on My Business Foundation

2:45 PM PDT Panels

Solar Science and Climate: Dr. Sebastian Luning, Dr. Habibullo Abdussamatov, and Dr. Willie Soon (Moderator: Dr. Jay Lehr)

Costs and Benefits of Renewable Energy: Dr. Howard Hayden, Steve Goreham, and Marita Noon (Moderator: Tiffany Roberts)

Communicating Climate Change: The Blogosphere: Marc Morano, Tony Heller, and Russell Cook (Moderator: Craig Rucker)

4:15 PM PDT Panels

All Things Cold – Ice Age Conditions, the Cryosphere, and the Recent Cold Winters: Dr. Howard Hayden, Joseph D’Aleo, and Dr. Fred Goldberg (Moderator: Dr. Craig Idso)

Climate Change, Human Health, and Adaptation: Dr. Craig Loehle, Dr. John Dale Dunn, and Myron Ebell (Moderator: Samual T. Karnick)

International Perspectives on Climate Change: Lord Christopher Monckton, Hon. Barry Brill, and Dr. Sebastian Luning (Moderator: Dr. Madhav Khandekar)

Global Warming Debate
The debate over the causes and consequences of global warming (or “climate change”) is one of the great controversies of the modern era. While environmental activists and some politicians claim “the debate is over” and call for immediate action to reduce man-made greenhouse gas emissions, others say the science points to only a very small human impact – too small to warrant concern – and the costs of trying to prevent global warming far exceed the benefits.

Ninth International Conference on Climate Change
The Ninth International Conference on Climate Change is expected to attract nearly 1,000 speakers, scientists, and guests willing to question whether man-made global warming is a problem worth addressing. The event has 32 cosponsors and features 60 prominent scientists and economists as keynoters or panelists.

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