Labor’s Renewable Target is Pure Insanity: the Coalition’s Target is Simply Madness

The Insanity of the Wind Scam!


bill shorten Labor’s Electricity Bill Shorten: candidate for PM?
Or candidate for the local lunatic asylum??


When Electricity Bill Shorten came out to announce Labor’s 50% renewable energy target, a couple of weeks back, Tony Abbott quite rightly jumped on it as an economy destroying policy, that would drive power prices through the roof; energy intensive businesses offshore; and households into a dim, dark electricity free future. And fair enough:

Adam Creighton: Labor’s Ludicrous Wind Power Policy to Squander more than $100 Billion

His bumbling Environment Minister, young Gregory Hunt (thoroughly misguided by the pair of wind industry plants in his office) has set out to aid his boss, by putting some firmer numbers under the cost of Labor’s lunacy. Here’s a stab at what power consumers are in for, from Greg’s Department.

Shorten bill for RET proving a tall order at $85bn
The Australian
Sid Maher
7 August 2015


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