Global Temperature is a Meaningless Statistic

Climate reality. The only cure for government-induced climaphobia!

Robin Rey R. Shaw

As they say old habits die hard, and the foremost habit is one ofunreflectively assuming that a trusted source still remains…a trusted source. Unfortunately the powers that be have been buying off trusted sources or at least the individuals that administrate those trusted sources for decades nowunbeknownstto most Americans who still think and rely on those sources like it was 1950.

Tom Harris executive director of the Ottawa, Canada-based International Climate Science Coalition penned this article that shows exactly how deceptive government sources of information have become. Who will take time to readthis post or the original post compared with the millions who heard the meaningless sound bit- an artifact of statistical manipulation proclaimed on the nightly news as important proof to stoke the steady growth of climate alarmism runamok in this country. This is nothing less than organized propaganda using government agencies supposedly based in science as the mouthpiece.

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