I’m looking for a snitch, who wants to get rich.

Blow the Whistle on the Climate Fraudsters!!!


Blogging is one of those impossible to make a profit from activities you have to fit into all the necessities of life, such as looking after your family, making a living, paying your bills, hacking back that out of control Amazonian jungle you call a garden, repairing a leaky roof at some considerable personal risk to yourself and the zillion other things that make up the details of life.

I’d like to do a lot more of it, but the aforementioned constraints mean the most time I can give it, is Sunday afternoons, barricaded in my study with the barbarians hammering on the door, the result being one piece a week. Some bloggers have a donations button, and no doubt they get a few bucks through that, but it’s hardly what I’d call a steady income.

There’s always that gap between the situation you’re in and where you’d like to…

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