Carmen Krogh: Wind Turbine Noise the Irrefutable Cause of Human Harm

Carmen Krogh speaks on “Harm from Wind Turbine Noise”!



Carmen Krogh is a medico in the know: ‘in the know’, that is about the known and obvious adverse health consequences caused by incessant turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound, such as sleep deprivation. Carmen is a medical scientist with an understanding of what the term ‘science’ actually means – unlike Australia’s NHMRC, for example (see our post here).

STT has covered Carmen’s work, including her dynamic-duo efforts with Bob McMurty:

Diagnosing Patients Experiencing Adverse Health Effects from Industrial Wind Turbines

Carmen delivered an address on her research at the same conference where Lord Monckton delivered his stinging attack on the ludicrous economics of wind power:

Lord Monckton Dissects the Great Wind Power Fraud

At the start of his address, Lord Monckton makes reference to Carmen’s powerful presentation, which is as big on human compassion as it is on factual detail – here it is (click on the image…

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