NASA Has Known Since 1971 That CO2 Is Not Dangerous, Yet Lied To The Public Continuously

More evidence of a scam, where climate alarmism is concerned…

Real Science

New York State is investigating Exxon for telling the truth about CO2 in 1976, but the big story is that NASA and NCAR have known since 1971 that CO2 is not dangerous – yet have lied to the public about this for over 30 years.

In 1971, the top climatologists at NCAR and NASA reported that a runaway greenhouse effect is not possible, because the CO2 absorption spectra is nearly saturated already.


This is exactly what NCAR’s current radiative transfer models show. Adding more CO2 has very little effect on downwelling longwave radiation.

ScreenHunter_4722 Nov. 18 11.05

But it is worse than it seems. Scientists have actually known for 115 years that CO2 is not dangerous.

Knut Ångström, asked an assistant to measure the passage of infrared radiation through a tube filled with carbon dioxide. The assistant (“Herr J. Koch,” otherwise unrecorded in history) put in rather less of the gas in total…

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2 thoughts on “NASA Has Known Since 1971 That CO2 Is Not Dangerous, Yet Lied To The Public Continuously

  1. I am more concerned about the radiation threat from all the nuclear wastes and plants that spill over. I am more concerned about the damage lies about co2 are producing in the world. when a problem doens’t exist and you try to fix it then you got problems. when real problems are ignored than naturally it makes me suspcious of the intentions of the united nations or any government or group that claims to want to ‘protect’ the enviroment. so deep down inside I am concerned about the damage all these lies (among many other lies too) are doing to peoples’ minds, hearts and souls. humankind is being plagued and crushed by these lies and their enforcements. while people become concerned about one small aspect of the lie pie, (such as global warming or fish depletion lie?) the real big picture is ignored. no one sees the forest for the trees because they are being distracted by the fake or small problems rather than the real threat. this is probably the goal of the wealthy and powerful.

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