The Anatomy of a Wind Farm Contract – Part 1

Wind turbine hosts risking their farms!

The Law is my Oyster

wind prisoner

I am often approached by people asking me to explain just how a wind farm contract works. I usually evade these questions either by honestly pleading ignorance or less honestly, by using the well-used cop-out employed by lawyers: “It’s difficult to answer that conclusively, as it all depends on the circumstances and I would need to see the contract”.


I attended one of those overpriced legal workshops back in 2012 offered by some or other firm of solicitors on renewable energy contracts. A generic precedent of a wind farm contract was supplied in our packs.  I thought I might, over the next few weeks, take some of those clauses and do my best to explain what they mean. Things might have moved on a bit since then, but unless there is a wind farm owner out there who is prepared to publish his or her contract, the 2012 model…

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