Poor Planning, on the Part of Britain’s Energy “Experts”…

Britain’s Wind Power ‘Leap of Faith’

leap of faith

The dimwits from DECCs, that coupled Britain’s energy future to wind power, are calling on Britons to trust them in an almighty ‘Leap of Faith’.

With aging, beyond their use by date, coal-fired power plants being closed this year, British power punters are being promised, by the very idiots that created the mess, that everything will be alright; that the wind will blow on cue; and that candles need only be kept for moments of pure romance.

For ‘believers’ it’s all a matter of digging deeper and matching their ‘faith’ with fat piles of cash: in other circumstances it might be called ‘tithe’, but for those in touch with reality and their wallets, it’s state-sponsored theft.

UK energy supply forecasts ‘into the red’ for first time next winter
The Telegraph
Emily Gosden
26 February 2016

Britain will be forced to rely on imports and costly emergency measures to prevent blackouts, official data suggests.

Britain’s energy supply forecasts have plunged “into the red” next winter for the first time on record, suggesting the country will be forced to rely on imports and costly emergency interventions to prevent blackouts.

Figures from National Grid show that on current plans there will not be enough power plants operating in the UK market to keep the lights on for most of December, January and February.

A separate, “last resort” reserve of back-up power plants is highly likely to be called upon to bolster supplies through much of the winter, adding tens of millions of pounds to consumer energy bills, experts have warned.

National Grid data displaying the surplus - or shortfall - in the UK energy market in megawatts for each week of the year, as of 26/02/2016.

National Grid confirmed that next winter is the first time since the published data system began in 2001 that it has not forecast a surplus margin of spare power plants in the UK market, and has instead forecast “negative margins”.

In mid-December and early January the figures show a shortfall of more than two gigawatts (GW) – roughly equivalent to the electricity needs of two million homes.

For those still inclined to ‘believe’ – no time like the present to stock up on candles, and not the holy sort.


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