Power Punters Pay and Pay: $Billions Squandered on Wholly Weather-Dependent Wind Power

Windpushers Make a Killing from Inefficient, Unaffordable, Novelty Energy!


power-bill Power punters punished for pointless power source.


Squandering other peoples’ money on pointless power sources is the new ‘black’ for politicians pocketing the ‘grease’ thrown at them by wind power outfits and the votes of fawning wind worshippers.

The only loser on the ‘trade’ is the long-forgotten power punter – forced to pay double for a power source with NO commercial value – unless generating a sense of sickening smugness among intellectual pygmies has its own special kind of ‘value’?…

In power play, customers will pay
Roger Nyquist
19 February 2016

Here’s a little history lesson that puts a spotlight on our expensive future if PGE, PacifiCorp and environmentalists have their way. Oregon ratepayers will be paying more for electricity and getting less in return if the Legislature rubber stamps the backroom deal that the big investor-owned utilities and enviros hammered together (HB 4036).

How do we know?

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