Are vibrations from offshore wind turbine farms killing whales?

WindPushers Refuse to Acknowledge the Truth, Even When it’s in Their Face!

Watts Up With That?

Environmentalists say navy sonar hurts whales, but ignore impacts of offshore wind farms

clip_image005 Dead whale on European beach. For more such images see

Paul Driessen and Mark Duchamp

Between January 9 and February 4 this year, 29 sperm whales got stranded and died on English, German and Dutch beaches. Environmentalists and the news media offered multiple explanations – except the most obvious and likely one: offshore wind farms.

Indeed, that area has the world’s biggest concentration of offshore wind turbines, and there is ample evidence that their acoustic pollution can interfere with whale communication and navigation.

However, Britain’s Guardian looked for answers everywhere but in the right place. That’s not surprising, as it tends to support wind energy no matter the cost to people or the environment. After consulting with a marine environmental group, the paper concluded: “The North Sea acts as a trap.… It’s virtually impossible for…

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2 thoughts on “Are vibrations from offshore wind turbine farms killing whales?

  1. Well, I can only say that I’m very happy that I found your website, since I’m also a mother and a person who does not believe in the “good” role of the wind farms. I’ve read many articles and analysis, on different web sites, regarding this subject and I’m horrified to see that this kind of “green energy” has also an negative impact on humans, animals and even on climate. Since I’m also very preoccupied on climate change, I thought that it’s ok to bring into discussion a close related subject. From what I read here ( it seems that anthropogene activities in the North Sea, Baltic and the coastal seas – offshore wind farms being included here – are partially responsible on the more accentuated warming of the Northern Europe. If we put in balance the good parts and the bad parts of the offshore wind farms, I’m not sure that we will like the answer…

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