Poland To Restrict Building Of Wind Turbines Close To Homes

Wonderful News for the Citizens of Poland!


By Paul Homewood

h/t Paul2



Interesting news from Business Insider:

Poland was once seen as a major emerging market in clean energy, but its government has other ideas.

The right-wing Law and Justice Party, elected last October, proposed legislation this week which would severely restrict the building and maintenance of wind farms in the country — with prison sentences for anyone who doesn’t comply.

According to renewables.com, the law would force a wind farm to be built away from any residential property at a distance of more than “10 times the height of the wind turbine,” which effectively translates to over 1.5 km. For a nation of 38.5 million people this is much easier said than done, and a number of turbines may already contravene the law.

Furthermore, the cost of securing a new permit for constructing a wind turbine from the Office of Technical Inspection will…

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