Typically Bogus ‘Green’ Jobs Promise sees Texan Wind Power Outfit Sued for $2.7M

More evidence of the depth of the Wind Scam!


False Promises OK, put your ‘game face’ on & remember what PT
Barnum said: “there’s one born every minute”.


As the wind industry hoodwinked its way around the globe, one of the standard promises (well, more like bait for the more gullible fish in the pond), used to sucker in politicians was that, if (and only if) those in power were ready to sign over their constituents’ hard-won property rights, as well as lining up power consumers for massive and endless subsidies in their favour, wind power outfits would build factories to locally manufacture blades or towers.

Back in 2002, South Australia’s Labor government fell for it, hook, line and sinker: signing up to a deal that destroyed property rights (the usual planning rules were gutted in favour of wind developers) and, ultimately, its economy.

The ‘deal’ was pitched by the boys from Babcock & Brown (aka Infigen) and…

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