Wind Power is Built on Mountains of Coal & a Sea of Oil

Windweasels are HYPOCRITES!!


coalminevn Where wind turbines really come from.


The wind-worshipper rails at sites like ours, screaming – in a kind of hopeful hex – that we’re backed by BIG Oil and BIG Coal and will, accordingly, rot in hell for our temerity in challenging their infantile world view.

Maybe we will bunk-up down below in the next life, but that’ll be due to more enjoyable sins, than spending our days pointing out the insanity of trying to rely on a medieval power source, that was ditched Centuries ago, for fairly obvious reasons.

Armed with a mirror, and a little common sense, the wind cult would see that it is, in fact, the wind industry that exists, and only exists, thanks to mountains of coal, oil and gas – as this little wrap up neatly points out.

To Get Wind Power You Need Oil
IEEE Spectrum
Vaclav Smil
29 February 2016

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