Australia’s Macquarie Group JV Loses $66M: Furious Kenyan Locals Kill Outrageous Wind Power Project

Kenyans Fight Back Against the WindPushers….and Win!


NGONG Kenyans hate them too …


Back in February last year we covered the story of how a wind farm developer’s efforts to steal land from under the noses of Kenyan farmers led to a local uprising, that ended in the murder of an innocent teenage boy.

Since then, local farmers have only intensified their rage in response to more of the same: appropriating land and spearing these things within a few metres of homes.

61MW Kinangop project cancelled
Wind Power Monthly
Michael McGovern
25 February 2016

Thirty-eight GE 1.6MW turbines were due to be installed on the site

KENYA: Two years of militant opposition has spurred the cancellation of Kenya’s 60.8 MW Kinangop wind project, leaving an agreement to install 38 GE 1.6MW turbines stranded.

The project, located in the central county of Nyandarua, “was hobbled by disputes with residents over compensation for land,” said the developer, African Infrastructure…

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