Why Intermittent Wind Power Can Never Match Power Dispatched On Demand

Wind Energy….just a novelty. It’s Never There When You Need It!


nuclear-power-a The real deal: there when you need it.


There are 3 electricity essentials – that the power source and its delivery to homes and businesses be: 1) reliable; 2) secure; and 3) affordable. Which means that wind power – a wholly weather dependent power source, that can’t be stored and costs 3-4 times the cost of conventional power – scores NIL on all three counts.

Over time, STT has sought to pull together fairly technical aspects of power generation in an effort to demonstrate the patent nonsense of wind power.

Here’s a great effort to do just that by Mark Febrizio, who is a policy associate at the Institute for Energy Research in Washington, DC.

‘Grid Parity’ for Renewables: An Empty Concept (Part I)
Master Resource
Mark Febrizio
21 March 2016

“Coal, natural gas, nuclear, and hydroelectric power are essential because they are predictable and dispatchable resources; conversely, renewables produce…

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