Governor’s Wind Farm Push Brings Community Backlash in Upstate New York

Fighting the Wind Turbine Scourge!!


andrew cuomo NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo thinks it’s ‘my way or the highway’.


The wind industry rides roughshod over rural communities wherever it goes, and Upstate New York is no exception. New York’s Governor, Andrew Cuomo is another of the wind industry’s willing ‘enablers’ who seems to believe that arrogance and malice are a political virtue.

Crash or crash through is a style long associated with those that are wedded to spearing these things into the hearts of thriving and prosperous rural communities. However, Cuomo & Co have well and truly underestimated the simmering rage that communities harbour for the wind industry; and the political puppets that, at their benefactor’s bidding, seek to ram wind power down their throats.

Sucking wind in the fight for renewable energy
New York Post
Robert Bryce
28 March 2016

Gov. Cuomo wants New York to be getting 50 percent of its electricity from “renewables” by…

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