German Wind Farm Backlash Builds: Bavaria Slams Brakes On Wind Turbine Roll-Out

Putting the Brakes on Wind….


German wind farm HG Well’s imagination meets once idyllic German countryside.


Germany’s rural vistas of rolling hills, cloaked in pine, spruce, beech and oak, verdant valleys and delightful gothic homes, that fall from the pages of the Brothers Grimm, have been over-run with more than 20,000 of these things.

If there was still a market for Picture Postcards, then the State of Bavaria would be top of the list among the German Lander – mountains capped in snow, impenetrable forests, and fairy-tale castles make it the natural backdrop for holiday snaps and landscape artistry.

Generally, the Bavarian has a reputation for humour and hospitality: think October and giant steins delivered by buxom dirndl clad frauleins. However, that humour and hospitality has its natural limits.

With German’s eco-fascist, ‘Greens’ hell-bent on spearing thousands more turbines all over Bavaria, more than 300 pro-community groups have taken to the barricades to demand a halt to…

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