Bad Blood: Fatal Brawl Follows Pacific Hydro’s Desecration of Aboriginal Sacred Burial Site at Cape Bridgewater Wind Farm

Wind Turbine Conflicts Turn Deadly, in Australia…


Sane Mortimer Flag Traditional Owner & STT Champion, Shane Mortimer (right)
at the Wind Power Fraud Rally Canberra June 2013.


Nothing divides a community like a wind farm. And that inviolable rule applies with equal force to Australia’s Aboriginal communities.

To say that Australia’s Aboriginal history is both long and proud is mastery in understatement. Scientific estimates vary, but there have been Aboriginal footprints on this continent for somewhere between 40,000 and 60,000 years. By comparison, Australia’s history of European settlement is a veritable gnat’s eye-blink.

Aboriginal connection to Country is bound up in what is referred to as “songlines”: the songlines are sacred representations of all that went before; recording ancestral stories, which connect a system of beliefs as deep and as complex as the Aboriginal culture itself.

Together these stories are referred to as “the dreaming”, which brings to present minds an aggregation of the wisdom and law that enabled…

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