Tightening control over your life

The UN is NO Friend to People……


We wrote about Agenda 21, Agenda 2030 and sustainability being used to facilitate inter-generational plunder for the benefit of bureaucrats, corporatists and politicians.

We wrote about Ontario’s proposed Carbon Tax/Cap & Trade, its predictable impacts on the people of Ontario and the financial incentives for a Government and politicians to implement it.

Existing “Carbon” Cap & Trade is promoted by those who stand to profit from the scheme and existing “carbon” trading markets rife with fraud, theft and politician’s conflicts of interest.

Today the Ontario Government posted its Final Cap & Trade Regulation, which among others promises to create jobs. The Green Energy and Green Economy Act also promised jobs.

Given how well that worked out for the Province these new Regulations should be a treat…

We were going to comment on today’s Final Cap & Trade Regulations, however this post says it all:

The UN controls how Canadians are…

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