German Wind Farm Backlash Begins: Bavaria’s High Court Confirms 2KM Setback Rule

Wonderful news!!!


oktoberfest Smiles all round! Setback Ruling, worth raising a Stein or 3.


A couple of weeks back we ran a story on the Bavarian government’s new mandatory setback rule (10 times the height: 10-H) which, with turbines towering 200m, means a minimum distance of 2km from homes. In closely settled Bavaria that rule spells the end for hundreds of proposed projects; and, coupled with the German government’s recently imposed cap on new wind power capacity, the beginning of the end for the wind industry in Bavaria and beyond.

In a ‘time-for-Stein’ moment, the Bavarian High Court has just held in favour of, no doubt, delighted Bavarians that the 10-H rule is constitutional.

Major Blow To Wind Power … Bavaria’s Highest Court Upholds 10H Rule! Shoots Down Industrialization Of Idyllic Landscape
No Tricks Zone
Pierre Gosselin
9 May 2016

Environmental sanity prevails

Bavaria’s highest constitutional court (Verfassungsgerichtshof) has just…

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