Out to Curb Rocketing Power Prices Denmark Slashes Subsidies for Offshore Wind Power

The curtain always has to close. Sooner, rather than later!


offshore_6 Danes declare them an endangered species.


In what could pass for another episode of Danish Crime Thriller, ‘Follow the Money‘, the Danish government has pulled the plug on 5 offshore wind farms; a move that will, no doubt, have the boys from Energreen & Co scribbling out hurried suicide notes.

With power prices escalating out of control, Europe’s wind power ‘leader’ has little choice but a panicked retreat, as The Daily Caller notes.

Denmark says wind energy too expensive
The Daily Caller
Michael Bastasch
13 May 2016

Denmark’s government abandoned plans to build five offshore wind power farms Friday amid fears the electricity produced there would become too expensive for Danish consumers.

“Since 2012 when we reached the political agreement, the cost of our renewable policy has increased dramatically,” said Climate Minister Lars Christian Lilleholt, a Liberal Party politician representing the country’s minority government, according to Reuters

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