Europe Delivers Wind Industry Nothing But Doom & Gloom

Useless wind turbines….


nordic wind power investment

And the trend continues….

WARNING: in considering the content of this post you may feel an overwhelming sense of schadenfreude.

Gone with the wind: Nordic alternative energy turns stagnant
Sputnik news
6 May 2016

Despite renewable energy sources being heavily hyped as a sustainable solution to humanity’s growing energy problem, actual support for the green power has been shrinking. Falling electricity prices and henceforth lower profitability have led a dramatic drop in investment in the Swedish wind energy sector.

Last year, investments into Sweden’s wind power fell by a dramatic 40 percent, compared to the year before. Nevertheless, the total amount of investment over the next four years is estimated at approximately 21 billion krona (2.6 billion dollars), CEO of the wind power company Svensk Vindenergi Charlotte Unger told Swedish Radio. She also pointed out that the number of foreign investors is growing in comparison to local Swedes.

However, the overall outlook for wind energy remains rather dismal. Slumping electricity prices have…

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