South Australians Locked in Wind Power Price Disaster: Retail Prices Jump Another 12%

Unaffordable Renewables!


koutsantonis SA’s Treasurer, Tom Koutsantonis: plays deaf to economic reality.


South Australia is an economic basket case, thanks, in no small part, to its obsession with wind power.

Power prices are spiralling out of control. Back in March SA’s businesses were belted with a 90% hike in their bills, that left manufacturers, miners and other power hungry businesses reeling: Wind Power Costs Crushing South Australian Businesses: Firms Hit with 90% Price Hike

Now residential customers have just been whacked by AGL, with a 12% power price hike (with a whole lot worse to come).  What passes for journalism in SA pitched up the following half-baked ‘analysis’ on the causes of what portends to be a social and economic disaster (STT fills in the gaps a little later).

State’s largest energy retailer, AGL, set to hike electricity bill prices
The Advertiser
David Nankervis
15 June 2016

AGL customers will be hit…

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