Lessons from Denmark: Danes Slash Wind Power Subsidies to Salvage Economy

When the wind doesn’t blow, wind energy sucks, (which is most of the time)!



The wind industry is mounted on myth and fuelled by fantasy.

In Australia, its parasites and spruikers must believe that we are still cut off from the known world (suffering from what was referred to as the “tyranny of distance”) when they peddle stories about Europeans still being wedded to wind power.

On that score, one of the Australian wind cult’s “pinup girls” has always been Denmark. No doubt aided by struggling Danish turbine maker, Vestas (the High Church for wind worshippers) the gullible and naïve still believe that Denmark has achieved a wind powered Nirvana. (The hard-hitting Danish docu-drama, Follow the Money – screening on SBS – with Vestas played by ‘Energreen’ – has knocked some of the varnish off, though.)

In the cultists’ eyes wind power can, of course, do no wrong.  Moments when the wind blows, and these things produce more than their usual piddling fraction of…

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