Poles Apart: New Turbine Setback Rules Threaten Doom for Polish Wind Industry

The Polish Government has the Right Idea!


polish wind farm

Over-run by these things, faced with thousand of furious neighbours demanding an end to the onslaught, and spiralling power costs, Poland has mounted an enormous about face: where the wind industry was the flavour of the month for a year or two, it’s just been hit with the first salvo in an effort to give Poles back a little peace and quiet.

Like the Bavarians, the Poles have determined to put some distance between these things and houses: 10 times the height, which, with turbine tips topping 160m, means a gap of 1.6km or more.

That, of course, is nowhere near enough to protect humans; or anything else that lives and breathes, for that matter (see our post here).

However, in closely populated territory, like Poland and Bavaria, a setback of 1.6-2km has the practical effect of scuttling plenty of proposed developments.

To make them anything like…

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