New World Disorder

Globalization….the bane of today’s society.


William Pitt the Younger after the defeat of Napoleon,

“England has saved herself by her exertions, and will, as I trust, save Europe by her example.”


The Old World has been committing suicide, but our fellow subjects of the British Monarchy decided to stop; they opted for the Brexit.  Britain’s nick-of-time vote to depart from the European Union was, of course, resisted by globalists and their “useful idiots” who profit from that technocratic trap.  Project fear was launched to convince everyone that Brits are incapable of prospering independent from a bloated, blundering bureaucracy which has aspirations beyond its competence, to establish a new world order.

The eurocrats forgot that their job of dumbing down the public is not quite complete.  There are still some who remember that the British Commonwealth has an impressive mercantile history and there are many who honour the veterans and the slain of the war in Europe…

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