Skeptics Win! AG pulls #ExxonKnew subpoena

Wonderful News!

Watts Up With That?

Climate change prosecutors suffer defeat as attorney general pulls Exxon subpoena

In the Joint Stipulation of Dismissal, Mr. Walker said he would pull hisMarch 15subpoena of the world’s largest energy company, which had challenged the subpoena as unconstitutional.

“After conferring on this matter, the parties mutually agreed that Attorney General Walker will withdraw the subpoena and ExxonMobil will stipulate to the dismissal without prejudice of this action,” said the four-page document filed in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas.

The decision indicates a dramatic scaling back of Mr. Walker’s climate change investigation, coming just five weeks after he withdrew his subpoena of the free market Competitive Enterprise Institute.

The retreat also comes as an ominous sign for AGs United for Clean Power, a coalition of 17 attorneys general, including Mr. Walker, formed in March to pursue the fossil fuel industry and others that challenge…

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