South Australia’s Lessons for the World: Subsidised Wind Power The Fastest Route to Social & Economic Disaster

Ontario, Canada, has seen “first-hand”, the devastation from wind turbines…..economically, and physically!


judith sloan2

Judith Sloan: lays out a lesson on avoiding economic & social disaster.


In a week when the mainstream media have been (finally) laying out the catastrophic results of South Australia’s ludicrous attempt to power itself on sunshine and breezes, it would be rude not to include this cracking article penned by The Australian’s top-flight economics editor, Judith Sloan.

Judith’s work has graced the pages of STT once or twice before, as here: LRET “Stealth Tax” to Cost Australian Power Punters $30 BILLION

And, no doubt, with renewed interest in South Australia’s unfolding energy debacle, Judith will have plenty more to say on the issue.  Here’s Judith.

Energy price reveals folly of renewables
The Australian
Judith Sloan
19 July 2016

It is unusual for any story related to South Australia to appear on the front page of this newspaper. But when wholesale electricity prices in that state reached more than…

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