South Africa Slams the Door on Wind Power: Nuclear Powered Future Beckons

Leaders in South Africa did their Homework. Saying NO to Wind Turbines!


Brian Molefe Brian Molefe: South Africa needs atoms not breezes.


STT followers might have tumbled to the fact that we’ve been pretty heavily focused on SA over the last month.

However, in this post, we head a few thousand clicks, west across the Indian Ocean to another ‘SA’; this time South Africa, which appears entirely sensible enough to be able to avoid the power supply and pricing calamity unfolding in South Australia.

With a solid grip on power generation essentials, the CEO of South Africa’s biggest power provider Eskom, Brian Molefe, is hip to fact that wind power is a proven failure, and is all set to plug South Africa into a nuclear powered future.

Renewable power ‘just raises Eskom’s costs’
Sunday Times
Brendon Peacock
24 July 2016

Public opinion may back an increasing proportion of renewable energy being plugged into South Africa’s power grid, but Eskom CEO Brian Molefe says further…

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2 thoughts on “South Africa Slams the Door on Wind Power: Nuclear Powered Future Beckons

  1. I’d like to coin a new term. If oil and coal are “fossil fuels”, and wind and solar are “renewables”, even though they are intermittent and undependable, I’d like to introduce the new term “inexhaustibles” to describe any power source that is dependable and the fuel is limitless. The only power source that meets that description is nuclear, and the safest implementation of nuclear power is the Liquid Fluoride Thermal Reactor (LFTR) design.

    • I agree, Kev! People don’t understand, that wind & solar are novelty energies. Nuclear is getting safer and less costly all the time. It will stand the test of time, and it is completely reliable.

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