South Australia’s Wind Power Obsession an Economic Suicide Pact

A Trump win will bring Sanity to the Energy Debaucle!


alan moran

Alan Moran gets it. Setting a cult-like feel-good power policy, obsessed with wind power isn’t just fanciful nonsense, it’s nothing short of an economic suicide pact. Here’s how things are playing out in Australia’s “wind power capital”, South Australia.

Renewable energy demanding a high price for unreliability
The Australian Financial Review
Alan Moran
29 July 2016

The recent energy crisis in South Australia demonstrates how costly and imprudent it is to rely on renewables.

Exotic renewable energy from wind and solar costs three times as much as electricity from coal and gas generation plants. Renewables are subsidised by households and firms being required to include growing proportions of renewable energy in their electricity supply.

The Renewable Energy Target (RET) in place requires 23 per cent of electricity to come from wind and solar by 2020. The renewable lobby estimates this is costing $40 billion for wind and large-scale solar installations…

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