Talking Sense Regarding Ontario’s Energy Fiasco!


Powerful Arguments


Two recent articles highlight the fact that if you want to depopulate rural areas, de-industrialize urban ones and generally crash the economy per UN Agenda 21 also known by the risible misnomer “Sustainable Development“… you have a proven tool in “green” energy.
UN MULTI GOV CONTEXT Ck04fY8WYAACfnDThe first sad piece is by our ally and numbers hero Dr. Ross McKitrick to whom we are enormously grateful for his help and encouragement (see review of the Greenwich Wind Farm economic analysis.
Here, he points out economic follies, as he has done since the inception of Ontario’s insane greed energy scheme:

“Despite the hype, all this tinkering produced no special environmental benefits. The province said it needed to close its coal-fired power plants to reduce air pollution. But prior to 2005, these plants were responsible for less than two per cent of annual fine particulate emissions in Ontario, about the…

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