Fry-day Funnies: Wind Turbines ‘Explode’ onto the World Energy Stage

Wind Turbine catastrophes… A sight for sore eyes!


Texas turbine fire 01

Only the Germans could come up with a single word to capture the churlish sentiment of feeling a sense of malicious glee at another’s downfall.

It’s a sentiment pouring from this recent Tweet from STT Champion, James Delingpole.

Which led us to these glee-giving videos.

While their capacity for self-immolation is well-known; as with their ability to give in to gravity and let their 290 tonne hulks splatter back to earth; likewise their habit of unshackling and throwing their 10 tonne blades a country mile (‘component liberation’ for those in the trade), it’s a rare and wondrous thing to watch these things doing all three: incinerating, hurling blades to the four winds and splattering their burning carcasses all over terra firma.

WARNING: for those with…

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