Robert Bryce: New York’s Wind Power-Play Smacks Into Reality

Reality is no friend of Wind Turbine Scams!


andrew cuomo

New York State’s Governor is grappling with a confirmed case of ‘Wind Turbine Syndrome’, the obvious signs of which are that he’s hell-bent on following the path set by the Germans and South Australians on the road to economic and social disaster.

However, unlike the lunatics in charge of those energy calamities, before he has even got started, Cuomo has been smacked in the face with the reality of what comes with an unreliable and intermittent power source, that was abandoned centuries ago, for pretty obvious reasons:

May 2015 National

Andrew Cuomo’s plans to carpet the upper reaches of his state with these things, has been called out by the New York Independent System Operator, the agency charged with managing the state’s grid, pointing out the bleeding obvious: these things don’t work.

Here’s Robert Bryce detailing the stoush between Cuomo and his ‘moonbeam and pixie dust’ crowd, and the ‘spoilsports’ who actually know how…

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