Wind & Solar Power 2.5 to 5 Times More Expensive than Coal & Nuclear

Unaffordable Novelty Energy!



Power costs matter.

The wind industry keeps telling us that their product is ‘free’, and getting cheaper all the time. Trouble is, that the facts tend to differ.

In the table above, in nuclear powered France, power consumers pay half the cost for power than those suffering along in wind powered Denmark.

Maybe it’s got something to do with the fact that when you build a nuclear plant, you don’t need to build another one of the same capacity, just to sit there in case the first one stops producing, every time the wind stops blowing. Reliability is worth something; chaos costs.

It’s that, among other factors, that led Tom Stacy (a former member of the ASME Energy Policy Committee) and George Taylor, PhD (the director of Palmetto Energy Research) to conclude that nuclear and coal-fired power beat wind and solar hands down on cost.

Study: Wind & Solar up…

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