Nuclear War Breaks Out: Eco-Warriors Split on the Only CO2 Saving Power Source

Nuclear is clean, safe, and dependable!



STT tends to leave the debate about global warming or ‘climate change’ to others.

However, STT has always thought that if man-made CO2 emissions really were destroying the planet, then sensible governments would have moved to build nuclear power plants from the moment the Chicken Littles started wailing about the heavens collapsing.

The French generate over 75% of their sparks using nukes – and have used nuclear power – without any serious incident – for over 50 years: the first plant kicked off in 1962.

Nuclear power is the only stand-alone thermal power source that is base-load and which does not emit CO2 emissions when generating power.

However, among those who fear the Planet is about to incinerate more than just a few of their number have reached the bleedingly obvious conclusion: THESE THINGS DON’T WORK – on any level.

Among a whole tranche of eco-warriors, the seemingly undying love affair…

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