Highlands Hypocrisy: Wind Power Zealots Pledge Undying Love for Turbines

Let the windpushers live with their useless machines!


hepburn wind2 It started with a kiss …


‘Wind Turbine Syndrome’ was at first dismissed as a ‘communicated disease’ by a former tobacco advertising guru and wind power zealot.

But the diagnosis itself is real enough: save that it is the turbine huggers themselves that are suffering from it. Here’s a take on the latest outbreak from the Scottish Highlands.

Hypocrisy of the wind farm zealots
Graham Grant
6 September 2016

THE unrestrained enthusiasm of Keith Anderson as he eulogised Scotland’s wind farms carried all the hallmarks of the renewables zealot.

Almost Messianic in his evangelical fervour, the ScottishPower boss simply could not understand why anyone wouldn’t swoon at the mere sight of a turbine.

‘I love it. I absolutely love wind farms, I think they’re fantastic’, he told an interviewer. ‘I would find it incredible for anybody to go up to the visitor centre at Whitelee [wind farm] and…

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