Australia’s New Senate Pushes for End to Wind Power Subsidies

Wonderful News for our Aussie friends!!


Senator David Leyonhelm Senator David Leyonhjelm: Captain ‘Common Sense’ is back.


The return of a Federal Coalition government has given the wind industry, its parasites and spruikers no respite: the ‘uncertainty’ they dread is still hanging over the terminal Large-Scale RET (the subsidy scheme on which the entire scam scam depends) like the Sword of Damocles.

The LRET is set up as a $3 billion a year tax on all power consumers (collected as Renewable Energy Certificates – currently worth $87 each – and added to retail power bills), with the cash recovered from the sale of RECs pocketed as the subsidy by wind power outfits (see our post here).

A wind power outfit receives a REC for every MWh of power delivered to the grid.

To give some idea of how ludicrously generous the REC Subsidy is, consider a single 3 MW turbine. If it operated 24 hours a day…

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