Brits Blow Hundreds of £Millions Paying Wind Power Outfits Not to Deliver Unwanted Power

Sounds like something only a moron would agree to…


Brits will need a bigger bucket …


Britain is suffering from the same diabolical wind turbine syndrome that wrecked South Australia, Germany, Spain and the like. However, with the long-awaited announcement that the planned Hinkley Point nuclear power plant is to go ahead, it seems that Brits have finally worked out that you cannot hope to run an economy on wintery bluster and summer breezes.

The Geenblob that hijacked British energy policy were furious at the prospect of Hinkley Point getting the go-ahead – fuming, as only the wind cultist can, at what a meaningful power source (that can be delivered 24 x 365 and without producing a skerrick of the dreaded CO2 gas during operation) would do to their plans of carpeting Britain with hundreds of thousands of these things, while milking the subsidy cow for all she was worth along the way.

Theresa May’s plan to…

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