Wind Power – Guaranteed to Double Power Prices & Destroy Once Reliable Grids

Windscam helps no one, but the WindWeasels!



The one thing that South Australia’s vapid Premier, Jay Weatherill and his hapless sidekick, Tom Koutsantonis can never complain about from here on is a lack of attention.

South Australia’s internationally renowned power pricing and supply calamity is driven by a maniacal obsession with wind power.

The circumstances that led to the events on 28 September (aka Black Wednesday) – when the majority of South Australia’s 18 wind farms deliberately shut themselves down – to protect themselves from catastrophic damage during a typical, blustery spring storm – and the immediate loss of 445MW of wind power caused the worst blackout in South Australian history – are being dissected by energy market economists around the globe.

True, it is, that South Australia isn’t being held up as a shining example of a ‘wonderful’ wind powered future, but is, rather, being used as a dire warning to any other state or nation…

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