Ontario’s Liberal Government Stares Down Open Revolt Over Insane Wind Power Policy

Ontario…. Gone With the Wind!



As it goes in South Australia, so goes Ontario.

STT has been fairly well occupied over the last few weeks in detailing the debacle Downunder, but it appears that, for all the same reasons, power consumers (read voters) in Ontario are just as furious as those unfortunates who hang their hats in South Australia: both have been run into the ground by band of political idiots who believe that economies can run on sunshine and breezes – that throwing $billions in subsidies at utterly meaningless power sources has absolutely no impact on retail power prices and that, accordingly, ramming renewable ideology down voters’ throats is a guaranteed vote winner.

Well, that’s the theory, anyway…

Liberal wind disaster shafted rural Ontario
Toronto Sun
29 September 2016

It’s too bad Premier Kathleen Wynne’s Liberal government didn’t have its epiphany on the pointlessness of subsidizing any more expensive, unreliable and unneeded wind turbines…

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