‘Peak Lunacy’: Australia’s Unfolding Energy Fiasco Cripples SA – Victoria to Follow



thelma and louise cliff So far, so good …


In Ridley Scott’s 1991 feminist version of the classic American road film, Thelma and Louise, the protagonists hit the road in a 1966 Ford Thunderbird convertible, hoping to escape the dropkick men in their dreary lives.

Thelma, in resisting the unwanted advances of a would-be rapist, pumps her assailant full of lead and the pair of flawed heroines head off on a booze-filled Odyssey to the Wild West in an effort to evade police. The heart-racing denouement has Thelma and Louise (momentarily) thundering across the Grand Canyon, as they avoid capture by a small army of heavily armed and trigger happy police.

The Thunderbird almost appears to hover in space and, for a while at least, Thelma and Louise appear oblivious to their inevitable fate.

And so it is with Australia’s obsession with heavily subsidised wind power. Australia’s economic competitiveness is fundamentally based on…

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