Wind Power Outfits Reduced to Bribing Vermont Locals to Win Support

Wind Pushers Don’t Care About Our Ecology!


Under-the-table transactions... In the wind industry it’s called cultivating support…


Hated wherever it plies its filthy, subsidy-soaked trade, the wind industry is renowned world-wide for ‘greasing’ political palms, in order to garner the influence needed to obtain dodgy, rubber-stamped planning applications and to maintain massive subsidy streams until kingdom come.

With rural communities alive to the greatest economic and environmental fraud of all time – and universally furious about the manner in which the wind industry’s goons treat them with utter contempt, wind power outfits have, more than once, had to resort to outright bribery in their attempt to ‘win hearts and minds’.

The irony is, of course, that wind developers offering cash for votes are simply engaging in enviro-friendly ‘recycling’ – handing back a fraction of the massive subsidies filched from taxpayers and/or power consumers in order to buy the votes they need to get another subsidy-soaked project up…

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