Trump’s ‘Basket of Deplorables’ Deliver Lesson on Energy Policy: Politicians Ignore Workers at their Political Peril

Donald “Trumps” the wind Industry!



After America’s “basket of deplorables” banded together to send Donald Trump to the White House and Hillary Clinton to the Dog House, everything politicians and pundits thought they knew about politics is patently wrong.

Ignoring the working class is one thing, but condescending, denigrating and ridiculing those who plump for people like Trump as ‘idiots’, or worse, is quite another; as teary Clintonestas have learnt with disastrous (for them) consequences.

The political/media class which spawned and sustained people like Hillary Clinton is now so out of touch with the electorate, that results like Brexit and the election of Donald Trump as President of the USA come as gut-wrenching ‘shocks’.

In the lead up to the Presidential election, STT had the fortune of speaking to a number of Americans, who made it plain that Donald Trump was a serious contender and that Hillary Clinton was more detestable than deplorable.

From their…

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