Astroturfing ‘Greens’ Destroy Viable Power Sytems & Pocket Obscene ‘Profits’ at Taxpayers’ Expense

Corruption in the Wind Industry.


sa-blackout-adelaide Here’s one ‘Greens’ prepared earlier: Adelaide, SA 28 September 2016.


Americans have got a long way to go to catch up with South Australians. While there is a well-organised band of eco-fascists pushing America towards a wind powered future, the penetration of wind power in the US is minuscule by comparison with Australia’s so-called “wind powered capital”.

South Australians, blessed with the highest power prices in the Nation (by a factor of two), if not the world on a purchasing power parity basis, routine load shedding (ie regional blackouts) and State-wide blackouts are acutely aware of the price paid for blindly following ideology, rather than economics and engineering. Its attempt to run on sunshine and breezes has turned into a fiasco and it, therefore, provides the perfect example of what not to do.

How and why South Australia (and countries like Spain, Germany, Denmark and the UK) ended up…

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